Kids' Basketball Clothes

They're growing fast and gaining skills. Keep them on course with kids' basketball clothes from adidas. Everything your hooper loves to wear on and off court.

adidas Kids' Basketball Clothing

Get the soon-to-be all-stars ready to hoop in kids' basketball clothing from adidas. Whether they're just starting out or seasoned players at school, club or rec, basketball clothes are made to keep them comfortable while they shoot, dribble and run the floor. Kids' basketball attire with AEROREADY helps keep them dry from tip-off till the last whistle. They're made with technology that wicks away sweat before it dries, so kids are always ready to crash the boards, push the break or take the game-winning shot. Choose from a minimalist look or one of our vibrant graphic tees and hoodies to liven up their look.

They can also wear kids' basketball clothing to go to school or hang out with their friends. Kids' basketball shirts are made of soft and stretchy materials to let them move freely through sprints in practice or while they play during a weekend family gathering. Signature styles are inspired by their favorite players, like Trae Young, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, James Harden, Derrick Rose and Candace Parker. They each have their own unique signature clothes tailored to match their swagger and suit their style of play. Check out our lineup of kids' basketball clothing, and get them a pair of shorts, pants or a T-shirt to rock during their next game.