Girls' & Youth Basketball Gear: Age 8-16

Court-inspired and game-ready. From sneakers to shorts and balls to t-shirts, we have the youth girls' basketball gear she needs to keep it between the paint.

adidas Youth Girls Basketball Gear

Get them ready to play ball in our youth girls' basketball gear. They could be playing for their first team or be seasoned athletes looking to take the next step. Our youth girls' basketball apparel keeps them comfortable from tip-off till the last whistle. Browse through our selection of tees, jerseys, shorts and shoes, and put together a youth girls' basketball outfit they can wear to school, to practice or to play with their friends. Youth girls' basketball tops with AEROREADY technology keep them dry, so they can fine-tune their shot or work on their dribbling instead of wiping sweat away while they play.

Our youth girls' basketball gear has a modern vibe they can style with anything in their wardrobe. We made these pieces with soft and lightweight fabric, so they're easy and comfortable to wear on and off the court. Suit kids up in one of our signature athletes' clothes and shoes so kids can show their support for their favorite basketball heroes. They can let it fly like Damian Lillard, breeze past defenders like Trae Young or do it all like Candace Parker. Each of our signature athletes has their own gear inspired by their swagger and unique style of play. Check out our lineup of youth girls' basketball gear, and get them the royal treatment a queen of the court deserves.