Black Running Shorts

Pair a lightweight build with endless versatility, and your running wardrobe is set. Black running shorts from adidas go with anything and let you breathe.

adidas Black Running Shorts

Whether you're planning a run on the treadmill or tough terrain, adidas black running shorts are ready to stay right with you. The details definitely matter when you're shopping for running attire. To get the most comfort, stick with lightweight, moisture-wicking materials that help keep you dry and cool. adidas AEROREADY is a special technology that manages your body's moisture, giving you the confidence you need to finish every mile strong. When considering the fit you want, the most important thing is freedom of movement for every stride. Think about whether you want shorter shorts for more mobility or longer shorts for more coverage. Built-in breathable mesh panels or ventilation can increase air circulation to help keep you cool.

If you're running outdoors and want to carry a few small items, eliminate the need for a waist bag by making sure your black athletic shorts have pockets that zip. That way, you can safely store your phone, keys and energy gel. If you plan to run in low-light conditions, look for running shorts with reflective accents or detailing. These details shine in low light, helpful if you like to run during the early morning or evening hours. Ready to set out for your next workout? Discover black running shorts from adidas today.