Women's Supernova Running Shoes

Bring ease to your daily miles with women's Supernova shoes. You can count on game-changing comfort, thanks to new Dreamstrike+ super foam.

adidas Women's Supernova Shoes

There are a lot of reasons to lace on a pair of adidas women's Supernova shoes and hit the pavement. Maybe you're committing to a healthy lifestyle, training for your first race or maybe you just like how your daily worries melt away when your feet find their stride. Whatever your reason for running, these shoes are made to help it feel a little easier. More comfort means more motivation to chase your goals or challenge yourself. From top to bottom, heel to toe, they feel soft and supportive. Go ahead and set new goals with confidence. With a plush Dreamstrike+ midsole, these shoes give you a high-energy ride towards new PBs. Go a little farther. Go a little faster. Progress is yours to claim with a game-changing combination of energy and comfort under your feet. It doesn't matter if you're new to running or if you just marked your first 10k race on the calendar. You can count on women's Supernova sneakers to support your running journey, every step of the way.

It's all about the midsole. With springy Dreamstrike+ cushioning, women's Supernova footwear will supercharge every stride with comfort. What does that feel like? It feels like smooth transitions from heel to toe, mile after mile. Comfort is the name of the game with these running shoes, which is reflected in every detail. Soft and breathable uppers wrap the foot with support and ventilation where you need them most. Padding at the tongue and heel feels good from the moment you lace on your shoes through the moment you arrive home, ready for your victory shower. And if you want to keep training year round, shoes made with COLD.RDY keep your feet warm in cold weather.

Next time you lace on a pair of women's Supernova shoes, you might just exceed your own expectations. They're designed to help you take the next step in your journey. From your first run to your first race, the soft and secure feel helps you focus on your rhythm. Good traction is also key to a good run, which is why women's Supernova tennis shoes are built on a direct-injected TPU outsole that's both flexible and wear-resistant. Your mind and body will thank you for staying consistent, and these shoes will hold up to the daily grind. From early-morning miles on the track to a sunset run by the river, the grippy outsole will help you stick to your pace with confidence. Tune out the world as you relax into the rhythm of your running playlist, or tune into the sound of your feet on the pavement. Fast or slow, a few blocks or a few miles, women's Supernova running shoes simply support your efforts with comfort.

Game-changing comfort, meet 3-Stripes style. It's your run, and you get to decide how to express yourself while you're at it. women's Supernova sneakers come in a variety of colors, so you can curate a running outfit that speaks to your personality. Keep it classic with versatile colors like black, white, grey and beige. Go bold with bright hues like orange, pink and blue. The 3-Stripes accent each running shoe, flashing your commitment to the sport with every stride. You're set to check off your running goals, one by one, with a winning combination of style, comfort and energy. Lace up for daily miles in a pair of women's Supernova shoes.