Trae Young Clothes & Shoes

Trae Young stands out anywhere he goes. Trae Young gear stays true to that vibe with vibrant colors and a soft feel to keep you in the zone till the final whistle.

adidas Trae Young Gear

We channeled Trae Young's unmistakable style and his flair for making plays in key moments to make his Trae Young gear. Trae combines speed, agility and an innate ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. His debut signature shoes, the Trae Young 1, have a responsive Lightstrike midsole to let you move on the court without weighing you down. An adidas Boost drop-in on the heel returns energy with every step you take on the court — so you always have some gas left in the tank to come through in the clutch. Bright colors in the upper have distinct patterns that create an optical illusion, much like what dazed defenders see after his sizzling dribble moves.

Trae Young gear is flashy and unpredictable. Bold graphics pay homage to his unapologetic confidence and the nonchalant style of one of the best point guards of his generation. Put on Trae Young clothes and shoes to go to school or basketball practice, or wear them throughout the day to show your love for the coldest player in the game. Check out our selection of Trae Young gear by adidas, and find the T-shirt, hoodie, shorts or shoes that fit your style.