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Introducing the very first women's specific adidas softball cleat in partnership with USA Softball Olympian, Valerie Arioto. The PureHustle was built precisely for the female foot and marks the beginning to adidas' passion for elevating women in sport. Step into comfort and get your shine on with the all new Prism colorway of the PureHustle.
Women's Softball White PureHustle TPU Prism CleatsWomen's Softball White PureHustle TPU Prism Cleats

PureHustle TPU Prism Cleats

Women's Softball

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Control the diamond with speed and tough traction in adidas softball shoes and cleats. Durable uppers provide secure support that’s ready for every slide and diving catch. Beat the throw home, dust yourself off and go again. Soft cushioning eases every sprint around the bases and shoes with adidas Bounce midsoles add a level of flexibility that helps you swing, throw and run in comfort. Settle into your stance or take off to reach a fly ball in specialized traction for whatever surface you’re playing on. Metal cleats dig into dirt and grass, while softball turf shoes have molded cleats that grip the field. Swing for the fences with a stable foundation that lets you really show off your power. Push off to get to that ground ball with time to spare and make the out. Shop adidas for softball cleats and shoes that can handle your all-out play.