Women's Softball Cleats & Shoes

Control every inning from the outfield to the batter’s box in adidas women’s softball cleats and turf shoes. Supportive uppers and tough traction help you slide, dive and swing your way to a big win.

adidas Women's Softball Cleats

Step up to the plate in style with adidas women's softball cleats. Built for speed and agility, our footwear will support your game goals from the anthem to the final inning. Whether you're swinging for the fence or cutting off a line drive, these softball shoes and cleats set the foundation for success. Choose from a variety of styles that offer features specialized for your game and conditions. Metal cleats dig into dirt and grass for lightning-fast runs and defensive plays. This kind of traction is the fundamental basis for any game-winning run. For artificial turf, our women's softball turf shoes have molded cleats that grip the field for slip-resistant security that lets you focus on the game at hand. From brutal sprint sets to stolen bases, these shoes deliver the velocity you need to secure your spot in the batting order. Secure the winning run in adidas women's softball shoes.

Even in the off-season, we see you dreaming about women's softball footwear. Now is the time to make your dreams come true. We've funneled everything we know about acceleration, stamina, impact, speed and movement and let it all culminate in highly effective footwear that will last you the entire season. These aerodynamic softball shoes combine thin yet durable materials that let your feet fly over the bases. Textile uppers are lightweight and breathable, with molded synthetic overlays for added durability right where you need it. Protecting your base? Choose a shoe with a durable upper that offers 360 lockdown; with your heel secured, you'll be sure to catch and pivot your way to double play after double play. And with synthetic protection, you can slide into home without destroying the upper or risking an injury. Confidently get the steal in these speedy softball shoes — Lightstrike tech reinvents the feeling and expectations of lightweight cushioning while still retaining superb responsiveness. Expect more from your game with adidas women's softball footwear.

Lace up your women's softball cleats and go get the series. It's game on, and adidas has got you covered! Slide into home and dive for that catch with the confidence that your shoes can handle it. Midsole cushioning softens every sprint around the bases, so you'll be earning runs painlessly — bring on the doubleheaders! Shoes with adidas Bounce add a level of flexibility that helps you run, throw and swing in comfort. Think of it this way — when you wind up, you become a spring-loaded powerhouse, and when you release the ball and send it sailing from midfield to home plate, your shoes should reverberate that velocity up and through the ball. It's simple: Choose footwear that enhances your game. Settle into your stance or take off to reach a fly ball in specialized traction for whatever surface you're playing on — we've got the tread you need with sturdy metal cleats for dirt and grass and molded synthetic cleats that grip turf in rain or shine. If you're ready to revolutionize your game, get the power you need with women's softball cleats.

Get ready for tryouts in adidas softball shoes! With adidas women's softball cleats, you'll stand out in iconic fashion, from dugout to bleachers. Round the bases in grand-slam style in bright white, sharp black or classic varsity colors. With powered-up 3-Stripes logos and gradient accents, these shoes look like they're moving at the speed of light. In fact, you may actually be flying when you combine a Sprintskin upper that's lightweight and durable and a Lightstrike midsole that helps you sprint at top speed. Just watch your RBI skyrocket with a Lightstrike midsole complete with superlight cushioning for dynamic movement and speed. Metal or synthetic cleats on the outsole grip the dirt for confidence on every single swing, so you can nail that line drive and bat home a run. And you can slide into base fearlessly with protection from durable yet lightweight textile uppers and padded ankle protection. You're ready to go into extra innings, and your shoes should do the same. Shop adidas softball cleats, and unleash your power.

Women's Softball Cleats & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

For softball, metal or molded cleats are commonly used. Metal cleats provide excellent traction on both grass and dirt surfaces, offering superior grip for quick movements. Molded cleats, made of rubber or plastic, are more versatile and suitable for various field conditions, including artificial turf. The choice depends on personal preference and league regulations.
When selecting women's softball cleats, it's important to consider proper fit. It's recommended to refer to the specific brand's size chart and consider trying them on for the best fit. It's crucial to ensure that the cleats provide adequate support, comfort and a secure fit for optimal performance and safety.
The main difference between women's softball cleats and baseball cleats lies in the design of the outsole. Softball cleats typically have a wider and flatter outsole to provide better stability and traction on the dirt infield. Baseball cleats often have a more aggressive spike configuration to enhance traction on grassy outfields. Additionally, women's softball cleats may have a narrower fit to accommodate the anatomy of the female foot.