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<div><div><h4>RUNNING SHORTS</h4><p>Your running shorts choice should match your level of activity. Going for a lunchtime jog? Your jogging shorts should be practical in case you find yourself lifting a few weights before the run. Hitting the streets for a long nighttime run? Opt for a pair of reflective running shorts to maintain high visibility.</p><p>Read a few tips below for buying running shorts for women or men:</p><p><strong>MEN'S RUNNING SHORTS</strong></p><p>Your running schedule has you sweating, so your running shorts should be keeping you cool. Men’s running shorts generally feature a built-in liner to save you from having to wear underwear and helping to keep you at the right temperature. There are also different inseam lengths to choose from. Split running shorts for men have split side hems to allow for increased mobility, and generally have around a 3” inseam. A 7-inch inseam, like you find on the adidas Supernova running short, is a very common inseam length that can be used for jogging and general workouts at the gym.</p><p><strong>WOMEN'S RUNNING SHORTS</strong></p><p>Women’s running shorts are cut to help you maintain your pace on your runs. Opt for a pair that has climalite, which uses sweat wicking tech to keep your body cool and comfortable. Women’s running shorts come in a variety of inseam lengths as well. A 3-inch inseam is a traditional length, and allows for a wide range of movement. If you want additional coverage, head over to the <a href="http://www.adidas.com/us/women-running-tights" data-di-id="di-id-cbd6213a-3cf0f2e5">women’s running tights</a> page and find some running tights that match your style.</p><p>Find everything you need to help you bring your energy to the streets on adidas.com.</p></div></div>