Running Shorts

No training outfit is complete without adidas running shorts. Explore our full range to discover breathable, sweat-wicking shorts in a variety of lengths and sizes. Wear with your favorite men's running t-shirt or women's running tank top.
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adidas Running Shorts

Running is all about comfort. adidas has a wide selection of running shorts, so no matter what kind of runner you are, you can find a pair that's right for you. Own the Run running shorts are perfect for serious runners who are trying to push for their next best mile. Built with AEROREADY, these shorts elevate dryness so even when you're working up a sweat they won't get in your way. Or maybe you're more into running in style. Grab a pair of adidas running shorts made in collaboration with Marimekko and let the allover print do all the talking for you.

Whether you're training for a big race or getting a job in on your lunch break, adidas has the running shorts that will get you through it in comfort. With a wide selection to choose from, adidas running shorts won't get the miles done for you, but they'll help you get there. Pull on a pair of Boston Marathon® running shorts to look ready for race day even if you're just a fan of one of the world's most famous marathons. And if you're more about style, adidas has running shorts made in collaboration with Stella McCartney for a look that's bold and beautiful. Come by adidas today to find the right pair of running shorts for you.

Running Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Running shorts are short so they don’t get in your way or chafe your thighs while you jog, sprint or train for your next 26.2. If you prefer more coverage, choose short tights, either alone or layered beneath running shorts. You can also pick a two-in-one style of shorts, which have the tights built in. There are also options for longer running shorts that hit around mid-thigh.
The shorts that are best for running don’t chafe your skin or bunch up and prevent you from moving easily. Running shorts should allow for a full range of motion. They should fit close to your body and be made of fabric that doesn’t sag or flap around. You’ll also want a comfortable waistband that stays put. Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics help move moisture away from your skin. Some running shorts include a built-in liner to reduce chafing and increase breathability. Look for shorts that have pockets if you want to keep your phone or keys close.
What’s different about running shorts is length — they’re typically shorter than shorts made for basketball or training. Not all running shorts are very short, however. Short tights, also known as half tights, provide more coverage without blocking range of motion. Wear them on their own, or layer them under shorts. Running shorts may have split side hems, which is another way to make movement easy. And many have built-in liners. These can help reduce chafing, add to breathability and even replace underwear.