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Neutral Pronation Running Shoes

Neutral running shoes help absorb shock to help keep ankles and legs properly aligned. Explore the latest in cushioned performance and hit your favorite trail or track with confidence.
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adidas Neutral Running Shoes 

Take off ready to rack up mile after mile with balanced stability and comfort in neutral running shoes from adidas. Innovative materials, advanced technologies and signature style come together to transform your time on the track or pavement. Shoes for normal arch orientation feature midsoles and outsoles that result in neither under or overpronation, giving you a smooth ride as you charge forward. Feel the energy-returning momentum of adidas Boost, the snappy feel of Bounce or the dynamic responsiveness of 4D midsoles. No matter what cushioning you prefer, you’ll put plenty of distance behind you in lasting comfort. Uppers featuring foot-hugging Primeknit secure your feet in place for a more precise feel with every stride. Stay ready for any season with ventilating mesh for refreshing airflow or lightweight warmth with COLD.RDY. Iconic silhouettes, unmistakable 3-Stripes details and striking colorways elevate your look for the track or city. Explore adidas for neutral cushioning running shoes made to match your step.  

Neutral Pronation Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Neutral running shoes are great for runners with high or medium arches whose feet don't tend to overpronate or underpronate, or land on their heels' edges. The shoes are made to let your foot move freely (versus stabilizing it), so neutral running shoes have less midfoot support than other kinds of running shoes. Instead, they typically focus cushioning at the heel for handling impact and at the toe for push-off.
Runners whose feet have high or medium arches and a stable foot strike — that is, their feet move in a direct heel-to-toe gait — like the flexibility and light weight of neutral running shoes. (Runners whose ankles and feet tend to roll to the inside or outside should look for stabilizing shoes with more midfoot support.) Visit our blog to read more about how to choose the right running shoes.
Neutral running shoes work well for many runners, so they dominate the footwear marketplace. The shoes are relatively lightweight and flexible, with a bit less cushioning in the the midsole than you'd see in a running shoe made for arch support and stability.