Outdoor Hiking Clothes


Nothing compares to how good it feels to get out in hiking wear that lets you focus on the trail. There’s something about the right hiking clothes that gives you the confidence to tackle anything.

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Hiking clothing for every season

If you’re getting ready to go for a short hike or a long hike, you will need to be prepared with adequate hiking clothing like the styles available in this adidas selection. In this large range you will find bottoms such as shorts and Pants, tops including t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, base layers to keep you warm when it gets cold, and jackets that will protection from any weather situation you encounter. Whether your preference is a fitted style of hiking clothes for a modern look, or a regular cut which allows a bigger range of movements, you will find a variety of designs from the classic colors that you can easily game to funkier patterns that will help you make a statement.

Technologically supportive designs

By choosing adidas hiking clothing you can rest assured that you are wearing supportive styles that are designed with your comfort in mind. A sweat wicking technology is incorporated in some hiking wear to ensure you stay dry when walking up even the steepest hills, while the use of fabric constructed with fibers woven densely together will create insulation and allow you to stay naturally warm. Stretchy styles with an incorporated four-way stretch enable easy movement while offering support for your muscles, and to keep you safe in wet weather some hiking clothes are treated with water-repellent material.

Comfortable and practical

The adidas selection of hiking clothing offers practical details to complement its comfortable features. Styles of jackets or pants with zip pockets will allow you to securely store a few essentials within easy reach, while the presence of a compartment specifically designed for a media cord will let you stay connected and listening to your favorite music as you walk. For extra protection, look for hiking wear with reflective details included as it will keep you visible and safe at all times of the day.

Outdoor Hiking Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to layer clothes for hiking is to incorporate three different layers: base (underwear), middle (insulating) and outer (shell). The base layer sits right next to the skin and is designed to keep you dry and comfortable by wicking away perspiration and moisture, which helps regulate body temperature. The middle layer’s main purpose is to retain warmth by trapping body heat and also dealing with moisture being wicked by the base layer. The outer layer delivers your protection from weather conditions and should have durable water-repelling (DWR) materials while still being breathable and tough to endure rough terrains, slips/falls and other normal wear and tear from outdoor activities.
The best clothes for hiking are designed to provide weather-resistance from wind, rain and cold while still delivering comfort, durability, and support for all types of terrain. Hiking clothes are typically made out of nylon, polyester or merino wool because they wick moisture better than cotton and still offer breathability, insulation and protection. It’s important to follow the principle of layering for hiking as different types of clothing with unique characteristics will be needed for the base (underwear), middle (insulating) and outer (shell) layers.
Cotton is much heavier than alternative materials and becomes much heavier when soaked with sweat and water from the environment. The fibers hold onto moisture and perspiration, which will poorly regulate your temperature in hot and cold conditions. Once cotton is wet, it will no longer insulate and can cause irritation and damage to the skin due to excess moisture. The drying time for cotton is also significantly longer than nylon, polyester or merino wool clothing. Look for hiking clothes made out of nylon, polyester or merino wool because they wick moisture better than cotton and offer superior breathability, insulation and protection.