Originals Beanies


Originals beanies keep you snug and warm to do your thing

Our Originals beanies are just the ticket for superb comfort and winter warmth. We've created them in a range of style variations so that you can pick the one that suits your personal taste. Our basic cuff beanie echoes the original design of this hugely popular cap. They're made from a 100% polyacrylic ribbed material with the trademark wide fold-up brim. It's the classic clean-cut beanie that we all know well. You can get a slightly more snug fitting version of this one in the form of our shorty beanies. These have a lower-profile look, with a narrower brim fold-over; it creates a really streamlined fit. Then there's our range of beanies with bobbles, ranging from discreet to striking. The regular ones are identical to our standard beanies, simply adding the bobble on top with a top seam running across to aid with a shaped fit. Our larger jacquard beanies add some playfulness to our range, with the Trefoil and 3-Stripes boldly displayed on them. For the most up-to-date look, choose one of our cuff beanies with fresh colors and subtle adidas branding.

You won't run out of uses for your adidas Originals beanies

The beanie is one of the classic pieces of winter headwear. These Originals beanies will help to keep your whole body warm by preventing critical heat loss from the top of your head, which lowers body temperature so quickly. They're extremely comfortable and feel snug and cozy from the moment you put them on. They're the bee's knees for winter training, but you can always wear them as sporty casual wear whenever it's a bit chilly outside. The large variety of colors and styles lets you choose the perfect one to keep up your active lifestyle and game your wardrobe. If you're doing serious winter sport training, the streamlined fit of our low-profile shorty beanies are tailor-made for it. Snowboarders and skiers will love the bobble beanies, as they're great for many winter outdoor sports.