Originals Tank Tops

Tank tops are the new T-shirts, and adidas Originals tank tops are the best on the planet. Staying cool is a breeze in these lightweight, versatile styles.

adidas Originals Tank Tops

A tank top has always been centered around ease, and with adidas Originals tank tops, you'll find their focus is also equally on style. There's a style, fit and vibe for everybody — and also every body. Discover adidas Originals tank tops in all different silhouettes, from crop to elongated and from tight to loose. There are also tank tops that are perfectly in between, with a regular fit and length. You'll find adidas Originals tank tops in a variety of materials too. Soft cotton keeps things classic, and sleek, stretchy nylon and polyester fabric bring in a smooth look and feel.

The options for adidas Originals tank tops extend far beyond fit and feel, though. Explore the wide variety of tank tops in different colors, prints and graphics. Some tank tops, like the adidas Trefoil tank tops, keep things on the simple side with a focus on solid colors and a pop of adidas DNA. Other adidas Originals tank tops go all out with the playfulness and bring in even more style through animal prints, vibrant hues and bold patterns. Go retro, or go modern. One way you won't be going with these adidas Originals tank tops is the wrong way. Browse the selection, and find the tank top right for your vibe.