adidas Originals Basketball Shoes

Find all your old-school favorites that keep getting better with age. adidas Originals basketball shoes tap the archives for modern takes on classic styles.
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adidas Originals Basketball Shoes

Kick it old school with the timeless appeal of adidas Originals basketball shoes. From low tops to mid-cut silhouettes to high tops, adidas Originals basketball footwear offers something for everyone. There are styles available for all, as there are numerous versions of beloved classic sneakers for men, women and kids. There are even throwback-inspired sneakers for infants and toddlers. With so many options, you can get one style in the same colorway for your entire family and have your whole squad rock a matching look. If that's not your thing, many of the adidas Originals high tops feature a hook-and-loop strap, which will help add some serious old-school vibes to your look. Plus with the countless number of colorways, you will be able to find a pair of sneakers that will perfectly complement any fit. Find a vibrant variation that really pops, or keep it simple with a clean white or sleek pair of black adidas Originals basketball high tops. With adidas Originals basketball shoes, you really can't go wrong.

One of the coolest things about adidas Originals basketball shoes is that when you put on a pair, you're wearing a piece of sneaker history. All adidas Originals basketball footwear represents a strong connection to our heritage. When Adi Dassler debuted his first training shoe for runners, adidas shoes were forever tied to sport. Today, adidas Originals basketball high tops celebrate our storied history with modern design updates to some of our most iconic on-court silhouettes. These are the actual sneakers that were once worn on the court by some of the biggest names in the sport. When they first debuted, they were as innovative as they were stylish. And thanks to their timeless style, they will forever be on trend. Blur the lines between sneakers, high tops and retro running shoes with fresh and updated takes on classic looks like Forum, Top Ten Hi and Centennial 85 Hi. These adidas Originals basketball shoes commemorate Adi's founding passion and vision by combining authentic sports heritage and global streetwear style.

From being worn exclusively on court to now being considered a fly pair of everyday essential kicks, adidas Originals basketball shoes have come a long way. As sports and athletes began to influence mainstream culture in the mid-20th century, sport-specific looks started appearing in everyday streetwear for the first time ever. With the cultural acceptance of sportswear in fashion fueled by hip hop style, the role of sportswear was forever changed in the 1970s. adidas embraced this cultural shift by establishing the Originals category, marked by the iconic Trefoil logo. Originals is focused on creating modern streetwear looks inspired by our deep sportswear heritage and classic, timeless designs. This focus has led to all the fresh-looking pairs of adidas Originals basketball footwear that are now available today. Like the Top Ten Hi, which got its name from being reserved for the top 10 players in basketball way back in the day. Far from the hardwood now, these adidas Originals basketball shoes still pulse with that B-ball DNA that made people first take notice.

The same can be said of perhaps the most iconic adidas Originals basketball shoes, the Forum. Available in a slew of eye-catching colorways, the Forum is stylish in all of its different forms. Low or mid or high, no matter the style, the Forum is a cult classic sneaker that everyone loves. Plus now these adidas Originals basketball high tops are made from recycled materials. They do, however, still keep the spirit of the OG 1984 Forum alive with signature 3-Stripes, classic cross overlays and a hook-and-loop ankle strap. Historic and forever tied to culture, adidas Originals basketball shoes are a must-have in everyone's sneaker rotation.