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Marathon Gear

During training or the race, adidas marathon clothes and shoes help keep you motivated. This gear will take you all the way to the finish line.
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adidas Marathon Running Gear

Find your rhythm out on the road in marathon running gear. Look for marathon running shoes with high-performance features to take your training to the next level and give you the confidence you need to push harder than ever. adizero sneakers are an ideal lightweight option, Ultraboost gives endless energy thanks to innovative Boost cushioning, while the Solar range takes inspiration from aerospace engineering to offer unbeatable comfort and support for your run. Continental™ Rubber outsoles give ultimate traction even in wet conditions, while Primeknit textile uppers are the perfect combination of support and comfort. The key to how to select running shoes for a marathon is all about getting the right fit for your needs. It’s important to consider your running experience and history, your current mileage and finding a pair that you can comfortably train in and use for the big day with the same confidence. Browse adidas for marathon running gear to take you to the finish line.

Marathon Gear Frequently Asked Questions

A running belt carries confidence as much as it carries gel packs and water. Wear a belt for your marathon to avoid surprises or delays at race aid stations and to have control over your own race rituals. If you train with the belt on, it will feel natural on race day. However, if you'd rather save a pound or two of weight, it's fine to go without a belt and grab fuel from aid stations along the route.
Marathon runners wear lightweight technical clothes with shoes that have the right cushioning to carry them the full 26.2. Marathon running shoes should be well broken in for race day, but not overused — run in the shoes for at least 10 miles before your race so you know exactly how they feel. Experienced runners suggest finding a shoe you love and buying two extra pairs. Then rotate through them for training. For more on what shoes and clothes to wear for a marathon, check out our blog.
The best marathon shoes have enough cushioning to go the distance, with enough firmness to push off each stride. And they need to be light enough to speed you all the way to the finish line. adidas long distance running shoes in the adizero family, like the Adios and the Boston, are designed and refined with the input of athletes to be fast enough for race day but also stand up to everyday training.