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Kids' Spider-Man Clothes & Shoes

Do you hear that? It's their Spidey-sense tingling. Gear them up in our kids' Spider-Man clothes and shoes so they can look like their favorite superhero.

adidas Kids Spider Man Clothes & Shoes

Outfit your little superhero with kids' Spider-Man clothes and shoes from adidas. Whether they need a pair of running shoes or casual sneakers to go with their clothes, adidas has the perfect Spider-Man-themed styles to get your little one out of the house and moving. Check out all our styles, designs and patterns, from basketball sneakers to keep them comfortable on the court to everyday shoes to liven up their look. Kids' Spider-Man sneakers often don the colors of the beloved superhero, along with other features of his costume and even spiderweb graphics to reel in the fun.

Let your child's imagination soar and bring their favorite superhero alive with our kids' Spider-Man apparel. Whether your child wants to be the web-slinging hero from the Marvel universe or just show off their love for the movies, there's always an eye-catching piece waiting for them. Choose from our T-shirts, hoodies and sweat pants, or round it all out with a pair of shoes to complete the look. Kids love to show off their favorite superhero gear every day, so what are you waiting for? Check out our kids' Spider-Man clothes and shoes, and give your child a little piece of superhero brilliance.