Green Running T-Shirts


Green running t-shirts look great out in front

Our approach to all things green is an embodiment of a concerted and focused effort on delivering the sustainability that makes a difference. The adidas green running t-shirts range includes Parley Ocean Plastic fabrics that are woven from recycled waste that would otherwise wend its way into our oceans. Being innovative is a winning edge as well. When you’re out on the run and in the heat, our moisture-wicking AEROREADY fabrics kick in, keeping you drier, cooler and more composed. Little things like mesh inserts and ventilation panels make a big difference because when it comes to maximising the returns for the efforts you put in, every advantage counts.

Light green is a sign of strength

On the run you can’t take excess baggage. That’s why every one of our adidas green running t-shirts are made from lightweight fabrics that are supple, soft and supremely comfortable, plus they’re so light they almost float along with you. Even our long-sleeved tops that are designed to keep out the elements when it’s looking bleak are structured from ultra-light but immensely strong fabrics. The thumb holes that keep the back of your hands warm are a nice touch too, particularly when you’re really pumping the arms on the final homeward stretch. We’ve even got bold designs to make you stand out in the pack and tees with the iconic 3-Stripes on the back – something your competition will see a lot of.

Green. Own it, don’t envy it!

When running is a way of life, our adidas green running t-shirts are essentials that are right up there with fresh water and the wind in your hair. In other words, they’re not simply a part of your sporting wardrobe, they’re a vital element of your training and performance arsenal. Equipment makes the difference, from the Ultraboost beauties on your feet to the moisture-wicking HEAT.RDY fabrics that keep your upper body as cool as can be. Choose the look you love. We’ve considered every aspect of movement, efficiency and style to ensure you’ll discover the adidas greening running t-shirts that give you freedom of expression and the edge you want to smash your personal best.