Every sport is about movement. Every athlete is unique, they all have different needs, and when we are designing products for them we are trying to create the very best for them to support their movement.Jon Munns, Sr. Design Dir. Future, adidas

FORGEFIBER, a process using TPU-coated yarn, maximizes performance when stitched and compressed at various angles and layers for ultimate strength in motion.

Through the exploration of how organic cell structures grow, the adidas Future team created a design process for uppers that is more aligned with the science behind natural body movement.

forged_360x360_5Using fewer materials, but focusing on all the different ways the TPU yarn interacts with the other materials increases its strength value. Various stitching styles, heat, and compression were all critical to the process of balancing efficiency, sustainability and the athlete's needs.

The outcome is a stronger, more flexible fabric upper that behaves differently for each type of sport. For example, the super flexible and strong FORGEFIBER upper for a runner will provide enhanced lockdown and stability, from push-off to touchdown. Jason McGinnity a designer for Future at adidas explains that "Running is more about linear movement [yet] for basketball we want to be much more prescriptive in certain areas of the shoe, like on the lateral for heavy cutting. We can change the density of the stitching to create these high levels of strength, specifically where we need it."

You’ll recognize authentic FORGEFIBER products with this rare, stylized lockstitch closure.

forged_360x270_7Our obsession to help athletes and consumers improve their performance leads to innovations that athletes need to disrupt the norm. The creation of FORGEFIBER evolved based on the consumer’s body movement needs, but looking to science and basic functionality is how we are shaping the future.
You can mimic nature visually and just create something that looks natural, or you could actually study the science of it. It looks often quite random, even though there is an order to it. That randomness builds in strength.Jon Munns, Sr. Design Dir. Future, adidas 

We invite you to explore new territories with the strength and flexibility of FORGEFIBER and make your own rules as you go. Current availability is limited, with more products featuring the new technology coming soon.