Breathable Basketball Gear Gifts for Men: Age 0-16


adidas Donovan Mitchell Kids' Basketball Shoes

See them take the court in style with a pair of Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball shoes from adidas. They can work on their dribble, their mid-range shot or their back-to-the-basket game while rocking their favorite player's kicks. The adidas D.O.N. are tailored to suit Mitchell's fast-paced game but are versatile enough to suit any player, whether they play the guard position, stretch the floor out on the wings or man the paint like a true center. Their Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball shoes can be a base color like black or white, or they can rock a vibrant design that will stand out on the court. Spida's game is comprised of many skills — among them his speed and ability to finish through traffic. He can create nightmares for bigger opponents with his shifty crossover dribble or punish smaller matchups with his strength and finishing ability. His kids' adidas shoes let them go after rebounds, run the floor or lock up that pesky offensive player to come through for their team.

Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball footwear is equipped with a LIGHTLOCK upper to give kids a snug and precise fit the moment they lace them up to play. Lightstrike cushioning feels soft and responsive without weighing youngsters down, so they can breeze past the defense on the fast break and blow past their defender with a quick first step. The grippy, multi-patterned rubber outsole provides strong traction on hardwood and outdoor surfaces. Kids can show their coach they've got the triple threat position on lock, pull off a spin move in the lane or skirt past the defense with elusive precision. Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball footwear is made for versatile athletes, so they can make an impact on the court whether they're holding down the paint, diming out their teammates or making hustle plays to get their team back in the game. Kids can put them on for a crucial game on the schedule, for a casual game of 21 with the neighbors or just to kick back and hang out with friends.

Browse the different colors and patterns to help them mix or match with anything in their wardrobe. Keep an eye out for Donovan Mitchell's collaborations with Marvel and special colorways so you can gear them up with a unique look. In short, they can rock a pair of Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball shoes for an important game with their team, for a casual game with friends, to work on their game or to simply show off their hoops DNA and sense of style. They can go for a low-key two-color approach or dazzle with a multicolored look that is sure to get eyes on their kicks. Donovan Mitchell takes his sense of style seriously, whether he's gearing up for an important matchup against a division opponent, making his entrance to the arena for pregame warmups or ready to face the media at the end of the game. Much like the adult version, Donovan Mitchell children's basketball shoes make a statement from the jump.

If there is something basketball players around the world put above all, it's comfort. Donovan Mitchell children's basketball shoes keep them comfortable on and off the court. Kids can lace them up tight before they take the court or keep them nice and relaxed for a family barbecue or a get-together with friends. They can put them on to work on their shot or to cheer on their favorite basketball team while they watch TV. The soft and springy cushioning gives their shoes a true feel, whether they're dribbling the ball up the court to set up the next play or chasing after it to save the possession. Browse the different colors, patterns and designs of Donovan Mitchell kids' basketball shoes, and come through in the clutch for your special person, just like Don.