Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes

True to Dame's knack for delivering in the clutch, Damian Lillard basketball shoes are comfortable and responsive — so you can let it fly and wave goodbye.

adidas Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes

Lace up a pair of Damian Lillard basketball shoes and dominate the minute you take the floor. When Dame suits up before the game, he has a plan to break down his opponent. One quick look at the scouting report and he's ready to pick his defender apart. Put on one of our Damian Lillard basketball sneakers and show you can ball just like your favorite player. Run the floor in transition, drive to the rim with reckless abandon or let it fly from deep while you call game. Damian Lillard made his name by showing up in the moments that matter the most, when everything is on the line. His signature shoes celebrate one of the game's best closers with a lightweight and dynamic design worthy of an All-Star. The outsole and Bounce Pro midsole are designed specifically for Dame's lethal combination of speed and precision. Lace up a pair and feel what it's like to call game as you let it fly from deep or breeze past your defender for the easy two.

Damian Lillard basketball shoes are not confined to the court. You can put them on to lift some weights at the gym, stretch before the game or hang out with family during a barbecue. Shoes like the Dame Certified combined great looks and a soft, breathable feel you can enjoy no matter where the day takes you next. Damian Lillard's style of play is reflected in his upbringing, a mix of hard-nosed basketball and hip-hop. He dominates on the hardwood the same way he takes control in the recording studio. His Damian Lillard basketball footwear builds on the Dame D.O.L.L.A.'s legacy, a legend on the mic. They have a lightweight Bounce midsole for soft cushioning, a breathable upper that for a comfortable feel and all the signature details that celebrate his greatness on the court and on the mic. Put them on to work on your game, for a get-together with friends or simply to kick back at home while you watch your favorite team play.

You can wear a pair of Damian Lillard basketball kicks to work on your game at the gym, on the blacktop or to get shots up in the driveway. Rock them casually to get a coffee with friends, play video games, watch a show or catch your favorite team playing on TV. Lace them up tight to put your defender on notice or nice and relaxed for a night chilling on the couch. If you're looking for top-notch control and a true feel on the court, Damian Lillard basketball shoes are a must. While the Dame Certified are geared for a lifestyle look, they also have a soft Bounce midsole to give you the performance you need to drop buckets all ballgame long.

Damian Lillard basketball sneakers combine the comfort you need to show that burst of speed, footwork and finishing ability with the looks to impress on and off the court. Whether it's bold colors, eye-catching details or a structured look, they have the elements to take your game to the next level. Slice through the paint, crash the boards or lunge for that loose ball to give your team the edge in a close game. Drive it all the way to the lane, find your wide-open teammate or pull up in transition to catch the defense off guard—show you've got game and the looks to go with it. So what are you waiting for? Check out our lineup of Damian Lillard basketball shoes and rock the same swag as your favorite player from tip-off till the last whistle.