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Crazyflight Shoes


How adidas Crazyflight shoes use science to improve volleyball

With adidas Crazyflight shoes for volleyball, technology is built into every shoe. The stabilizing EVA frame helps make your jumps more dynamic and protects your feet. The lightweight mesh upper allows you to launch higher, and the midfoot has a TPU-reinforced material that flexes with your feet. The Top Grip rubber outsole gives you the traction you need to land easier, while the Boost midsole protects you from impact forces. Made with superior recycled material, the adidas Crazyflight is also good for the environment. Available in bold colors, you’re certain to stand out on the court or anywhere you go.

With adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes you have total foot support on the court

Volleyball is a high-impact, fast sport, with powerful jumps and sometimes challenging landings, and you need foot support to help protect you from injuries. With adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes, you can rest assured adidas has you covered. With a feather-light mesh upper, these shoes won’t weigh you down. The Top Grip rubber outsole gives you fantastic traction on the court no matter how you land. The Boost midsole of the adidas Crazyflight shoes helps energy return to the shoe as you move, making you more powerful during gameplay. The TPU yarn midfoot reinforcements of adidas Crazyflight and mesh upper give you a breathable material that constantly supports your feet.

Why adidas Crazyflight shoes are the perfect volleyball shoe

When adidas made the Crazyflight shoes, they had to consider several important aspects to create the perfect volleyball shoe. Volleyball athletes are tall, but they need to be able to move quickly and launch themselves at any time. With a lightweight, meshed TPU yarn midfoot reinforcement, the shoes are like wearing air. The incredible Boost midsole helps return energy to the shoe, improving difficult movements. The Top Grip rubber outsole is riveted to grip the court from any angle.