Boys' Baseball Cleats

Lace up your future all-star in boys’ baseball cleats that support their game. Durable uppers can handle every slide and diving catch, while fixed cleats deliver traction to take off around the bases.

adidas Boys’ Baseball Cleats and Shoes

Lace up your kids to play their best in adidas boys’ baseball shoes. Whether they’re playing on artificial surfaces or traditional dirt, you can find youth boys’ baseball cleats or turf shoes to provide the traction they need. With supportive uppers made of durable materials, your kids can slide, dive and sprint around the bases from the opening pitch to the bottom of the ninth inning. Mesh panels help their feet stay cool and soft cushioning is responsive underfoot. They’ll be excited to take the field with cleats in their favorite color, from black and gold to blue, red and white. Shop boys’ baseball cleats and shoes at adidas so they’re ready to play the game they love.

Boys' Baseball Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

The most comfortable boys' baseball cleats depend on the boy wearing them! Whenever possible, your player should try on cleats before buying them. In general, look for snug-fitting cleats with cushioning that will keep feet comfortable through hours of play. Ventilation is important for airflow and cooling. Flexible synthetic or mesh uppers facilitate quick, unrestricted movement and feel good to wear. Low-top cleats weigh less and are comfortable for speedy running. Mid- or high-top cleats give extra ankle support, increasing comfort and confidence for quick turns and sudden leaps.
One common difference between youth boys’ baseball cleats and football cleats is ankle height. You can find low, mid and hightop cleats for baseball, but football cleats typically are hightops for ultimate ankle support. Baseball cleats also have a different spike structure that’s optimized for batting, throwing and running through the dirt. The spikes on football cleats are made for rough play on grass. Baseball cleats can be lightweight, with less padding, whereas football cleats are heavier, with extra protection and padding for high-contact games.
A 5-year-old can play baseball without cleats, but baseball cleats can help young players move with confidence. Little League does recommend cleats for kids, with a reminder that metal cleats aren’t allowed. Girls’ and boys’ baseball cleats are built with stability in mind, helping young players stay on their feet as they run all out around the bases or into the outfield. Hightop builds support their ankles. Baseball cleats are designed for the specific conditions of playing on the diamond, but if your kid already has soccer or football cleats, those can work in a pinch.