adidas / April 2022
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How To Juggle A Soccer Ball

Want to level up as a soccer player? Learn how to juggle a soccer ball with professional athlete Megan Montefusco.

Are you looking to increase your touch and have fun with the ball? Juggling allows players to connect with the ball and teaches coordination and control, which is essential in soccer. The best way to learn how to juggle a soccer ball is to practice. Go figure, right? Well, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. We teamed up with professional athlete Megan Montefusco to show us how to juggle. “Juggling is important, and it translates to the game in so many ways,” said Montefusco. “It helps with your coordination. It helps with your ball control.”  
Check out the video below to learn how to juggle a soccer ball from a pro.   


Step 1: One Touch Catch

When juggling, the first thing you need to do is drop the ball down to your foot. Pretty simple right? When beginning your juggling journey, remember to keep your ankles locked, and toes pointed up. And always keep the ball below your waist. 
  • Start with the ball in your hands. 
  • Drop the ball down to your foot. 
  • Kick the ball back up with your laces. 
  • Catch the ball in your hands. 
  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. 

Step 2: Multiple Touches

Once you feel confident in your ability to juggle with one touch, take it up a notch. Keep your knees slightly bent, and your upper body relaxed. Try to juggle using multiple touches with one or both feet. Remember, you can always take it back to catching the ball in your hands after one touch if you are struggling with control.
  • Start with the ball in your hands. 
  • Drop the ball down to your foot. 
  • Kick the ball back up with your laces.
  • Alternate juggling the ball between your left and right foot. 

Step 3: Advanced Juggling Techniques

When you begin to feel confident in your fundamental juggling abilities, it’s time to challenge yourself! Try any one of these advanced juggling techniques. 
  • Picking the ball up from the ground is a great advanced technique to try. Use the sole of your foot to roll the ball towards you, then use the top of your foot to scoop the ball off the ground. Proceed to juggle it for as many touches as you can. 
  • Using your knees and feet is a fun way to challenge yourself when juggling. Drop the ball to your knees and tap it. Then switch to tapping the ball up with your feet. 
  • Catching the ball on your foot is a tricky but fun technique that helps improve your balance and isolation. Drop the ball to your foot and juggle for a few more beats. Then catch the ball on the top of your foot and hold it there for as long as you can. For an added challenge, go from isolating the ball to popping it back up to continue juggling. 
  • Around the World is a fantastic juggling technique to practice controlling the ball with different parts of your body. Begin juggling with your feet. Tap the ball up from your foot to your thigh. Use the top of your thigh to pop the ball up to your head. Repeat this move from the top down for an extra challenge.

So You Think You Can Juggle?

Like most advanced techniques, learning to juggle a soccer ball takes time and practice. Thankfully, you have all the tools you need to become a successful juggler with pro tips from Megan Montefusco. Juggling is meant to be fun! Don’t stress if it takes you time to get the hang of it. Try juggling for a few minutes before a game, practice, or in your backyard. Juggling is all about enhancing the bond between you and your ball, which will only increase your capabilities and performance as a player. You will play with more focus, awareness, balance, and strength.
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adidas / April 2022
3 Minute Read