Black Winter Running Gear

No matter what the conditions are, black winter running gear from adidas ensures you get out for your daily miles and look good doing it.

adidas Black Winter Running Gear

Prepare for the winter weather with adidas black winter running gear. Stay on your marks no matter how harsh the conditions. We know how difficult it can be to strive for success in the midst of a cold and wet winter. That's why we designed our running clothing with every aspect of it in mind, so you never have to worry about heading out the door for a run again. Get kitted out head to toe in your favorite color with winter running wear you can trust to get you to your finish line. Weatherproof running jackets will protect you from the worst of the downfalls when the sky turns grey and the dark clouds roll over. Fleeced jumpers and hoodies will give you the insulation to keep your body warm and your muscles loose.

Baselayers, such as our thermal tights and tops, will make sure you can stay streamlined and distraction-free while keeping warm out on the tracks. If wet roads are your concern, a solid pair of winter running shoes will give you the grip and traction to train like it's summer. Check out adidas Ultraboost if you want all-day comfort. Look for GORE-TEX if you want the best waterproof sneakers to take you through until spring. Our hats, gloves, headbands, track pants and other accessories will give you everything you need to keep you on the tracks for longer. Shop adidas black winter running gear to discover your inner all-weather athlete this winter.