Black 4D Shoes

Glide through daily runs or show off next-level style in the city. The future is here, with black 4D shoes that ride on a precisely coded 3D-printed midsole.

adidas Black 4D Shoes

Nothing says "future" more than the adidas 4D, and black 4D shoes complete the look, simple as that. Coded for the perfect ride, the 3D-printed midsole of the adidas 4D has a unique lattice structure that delivers an unparalleled blend of cushioning and stability that's ideal for city running. Black goes with it like nothing else. Black adidas 4D shoes come in a variety of styles to match your running goals. The adidas 4DFWD is designed to move you forward, no matter your level of training or experience. The full-length 3D-printed lattice glides forward on impact for an ultra-smooth ride on the track or pavement. If you don't love running but do it for cross-training, check out the 4DFWD Pulse in black. Its angled lattice is combined with the springy feel of adidas Bounce cushioning to make running feel like less of a chore and more like fun.

Go black on black on black with the adidas Ultra 4D triple black. It not only looks like the future — it feels like it too. The 3D-printed lattice, with denser parts integrated with more open parts, delivers support and cushioning where you need it. Black 4D sneakers convey a feeling of strength and speed. The lattice midsole is durable and lightweight, propelling you forward so your run feels more like gliding than stop-and-go pounding on pavement. The open structure of the 4D lattice keeps your feet cool on hot city sidewalks, whether you're ticking off training miles or just strolling to the coffee shop. Explore our selection of black 4D footwear from adidas, and step into the future.