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Basketball Tights & Leggings


Train to play your best in adidas basketball tights and leggings with muscle-hugging support and moisture management to keep you focused on your next move.

adidas Basketball Tights and Leggings

On days when you need an extra layer, basketball tights are the perfect choice. They provide added coverage when a pair of shorts just won’t cut it. Whether you want some extra warmth for outdoor games or you’re looking for a way to wick away excess moisture, basketball leggings can help you move through any obstacle. You’ll be able to stay focused on what’s in front of you knowing you are wearing basketball compression pants that have your best game in mind. Find durable, lightweight basketball tights at adidas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Basketball Tights And Leggings

What do compression pants do for basketball?

Research points to several helpful things that compression pants can do for basketball players. Compression tights or leggings hug your muscles, helping to focus and channel their energy. At the same time, they might help reduce muscle strain by keeping the muscles warm and supported. Compression on the knee joint may help prevent injuries by slightly changing the mechanics of how a player jumps and lands. By supporting blood circulation, basketball compression pants also can aid in quicker post-game recovery times.

Are compression pants the same as thermal pants?

Basketball compression pants aren’t necessarily the same as thermal pants. Some thermal pants might have compression properties, and some compression pants might help keep you warm. But in general, thermal pants are designed for temperature regulation and compression pants are designed for muscle support. Another difference is in the fabric. Thermal pants or tights often have a waffle-knit pattern, and compression pants are typically smooth.

What kind of compression pants do NBA players wear?

NBA players who wear compression pants or tights under their uniform often wear three-quarter or full-length versions, but they may also wear compression shorts. The three-quarter length leaves room for socks and shoes while still covering the knee joint. Basketball compression pants may also have padding to protect against abrasion during close contact or falls. The pants are generally made with stretchy, sweat-wicking performance fabric.