Basketball Tights & Leggings

Stay focused and stay on your game in our basketball tights and leggings. Compression fit supports muscles and adidas AEROREADY manages sweat.

adidas Basketball Tights & Leggings

When you love the game, you need gear to train and practice in all year round. You can count on our basketball tights and leggings for the comfort and support to extend your efforts indoors and out. You'll stay dry and fresh through every effort thanks to the moisture-wicking power of adidas AEROREADY to manage sweat. From the weight room to center court, a pair of compression tights offers muscle support and full mobility to play your best. And you can think of our men's basketball leggings as multi-sport tights for distraction-free training, with a lightweight feel and locked-in compression fit for all your athletic pursuits.

Our women's basketball leggings are equally versatile for training efforts of all types. Hit the gym, go for a run and work on your rebounds with the added comfort and support of our compression fit basketball pants. Look for short tights, three-quarter-length tights and full-length styles to match your workout needs. The added compression of our Techfit tights keeps them in place while offering distraction-free mobility to move and work out at your own pace. On the hardwood working on ball handling or building strength in the gym, basketball tights and leggings support workouts of all levels.

Basketball Tights & Leggings Frequently Asked Questions

Research points to several helpful things that compression pants can do for basketball players. Compression tights or leggings hug your muscles, helping to focus and channel their energy. At the same time, they might help reduce muscle strain by keeping the muscles warm and supported. Compression on the knee joint may help prevent injuries by slightly changing the mechanics of how a player jumps and lands. By supporting blood circulation, basketball compression pants also can aid in quicker post-game recovery times.
Basketball compression pants aren’t necessarily the same as thermal pants. Some thermal pants might have compression properties, and some compression pants might help keep you warm. But in general, thermal pants are designed for temperature regulation and compression pants are designed for muscle support. Another difference is in the fabric. Thermal pants or tights often have a waffle-knit pattern, and compression pants are typically smooth.
NBA players who wear compression pants or tights under their uniform often wear three-quarter or full-length versions, but they may also wear compression shorts. The three-quarter length leaves room for socks and shoes while still covering the knee joint. Basketball compression pants may also have padding to protect against abrasion during close contact or falls. The pants are generally made with stretchy, sweat-wicking performance fabric.