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Adizero Boston Running Shoes

With their snappy feel and responsive ride, adizero Boston running shoes from adidas deliver a race-day feeling every time you lace them up.

adidas Adizero Boston Running Shoes

When training for a race, no two days are the same. Some are for the long, slow run, and others are for speedwork. When you want to feel fast, lace up a pair of adizero Boston running shoes. These lightweight running shoes are designed to give you a race-day feel in training. The fastest franchise in the adidas lineup, adizero shoes are beloved by marathon racers and world-class athletes across the globe. Built with a focus on lightness and speed, they use our newest technologies and innovations to help runners chase down their next personal bests. Named after a bucket-list race for many runners, Boston running shoes are a great pick for people who want to train fast. The feel of the shoe is similar to the adizero Adios Pro, our fastest-ever distance running shoe. The difference is that the Boston is built to keep up with the rigor of mid- to long-distance training runs.

Wear adizero Boston sneakers for speed drills and days you want to push the pace. The source of their speed comes from technologies such as our ultralight Lightstrike Pro midsole. We mix it with Lightstrike EVA for added toughness, so you get a lightweight feel without sacrificing durability. Glass-infused ENERGYRODS provide a natural ride, supporting runners in everyday training. And since we know athletes train rain or shine, a Continental™ Rubber outsole serves up all-weather grip to keep you pushing forward in confidence. Check out our selection of adizero Boston running shoes to push the pace of your training.