7/8 Yoga Pants

Made for every lunge and side plank, 7/8-length yoga pants help you find the balance between comfort and style. Enjoy your practice with a distraction-free fit.

adidas 7/8 Yoga Pants

It seems we all have a preferred length and cut when it comes to yoga pants. A reliable go-to. Which is why you've found yourself here browsing this collection of 7/8 yoga pants. The slightly cropped fit of 7/8 yoga pants from adidas shows off a bit of ankle or your socks, and elongates your legs in the process. Everyone shows up on the yoga mat for a different reason, and this selection of yoga pants makes sure that nothing gets in the way of that. Our yoga tights and leggings have a comfortable stretch that lets you bend, twist and stretch without restriction.

adidas has a full size range of 7/8 yoga pants — from smaller sizes to XL yoga pants and extended size offerings. Every pair of yoga pants celebrates and supports your natural shape, helping you feel comfortable and confident as you flow from pose to pose. There's no limit to the options for colors and graphics. So if you like to keep things sleek and minimalist, you can choose yoga pants done in classic colors like black. But if you want something more vibrant and bold, check out the 7/8 yoga tights done in bright colors or bold graphics. No matter whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, all these yoga pants are a match for your level. Browse through the selection of 7/8 yoga pants from adidas, and find the ones for you.