yoga leggings

Focus on your pose and not your clothes in yoga leggings from adidas. Whether you get tights, shorts or pants, you'll move in comfort all session long.

adidas Yoga Leggings

Mat? Check. Yoga blocks? Check. The only thing missing is the right outfit. Our yoga tights and leggings range from short tights to full-length leggings to match the vibe of your practice. When your workout gets intense, you want to stay cool. HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY help to keep you comfortable through every low lunge. When you find your center, you want to stay there. A high-waisted cut keeps your tights in place so you can work on your headstand with peace of mind. Whether you're practicing yoga in a park or at a studio, the right yoga tights make all the difference.

When you find your focus, your clothing should carry that same energy. Our yoga tights and leggings are made with tailored compression that maps your body and traces your muscles for full support and freedom of movement. Pairing style with performance, they're designed to keep up with you from warmup to cool-down. Mesh panels turn up the breathability when your hot yoga class turns up the heat. As you slow down for your final Savasana, moisture-absorbing AEROREADY keeps you feeling dry. Shop our yoga tights and leggings for your favorites to flow in.

yoga leggings Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga leggings offer many of the same benefits of running leggings, like being made out of breathable and durable materials that provide comfort, flexibility and support. Yoga tights also have specific benefits for yoga that won’t support runners, like reduced compression for added mobility and comfort while stretching, as well as seams and pockets placed in areas not ideal for running.
Yoga pants fit more loosely than tights and are typically made of thicker, opaque materials than yoga leggings, which allows them to be functional for a wider range of sports and leisure activities around town. They also have a thicker elastic waistband to allow for flexibility & stability during yoga poses and other performance-based activities. Yoga leggings tend to be made of thinner, stretchy materials that are more form-fitting to enhance compression, support and a sleeker fit. Both yoga pants and leggings are made with soft materials the aid in moisture-wicking, heat retention and breathability.
Yoga leggings can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the activity, desired benefits and environment they are being worn in. They are typically made with thinner materials that can be sheer, so they are often worn under long shirts, dresses or other workout and fashion clothing.  You should avoid yoga leggings that are either too small or large, as undersized leggings can cause discomfort and unflattering fits, while leggings that are too large will not deliver optimized performance.