yoga sports bras

Find the support you need to get the most out of your practice in yoga sports bras. Breathable fabrics and mesh details keep you cool in hot yoga or Ashtanga.
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adidas Yoga Sports Bras

When you practice your headstands during your yoga class, do it in confidence with full-coverage and supportive yoga sports bras from adidas. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, a high-quality sports bra can make or break your practice. A good sports bra should provide support, comfort and full range of motion while staying virtually unnoticed so you can focus fully on your breath. At adidas, we carry a variety of styles and sizes to keep up with your active lifestyle, including racerback, scoop-neck and strappy designs that are sure to make all your poses flow more naturally. Our bras are constructed with lightweight, breathable fabrics, so you won't have uncomfortable distractions from bunched-up fabric during your Sun Salutations. We even have padded designs for extra coverage and adjustable straps so you can customize the fit perfectly to your body. When you take to your mat, gear up in the yoga gear that perks you up and zens you out.

The options in our range of high-performance bras offer maximum comfort so you can focus on your yoga practice. Innovative fabrics with AEROREADY technology wick away moisture and keep you cool, while a racerback design lets you move freely throughout your poses. Medium-support yoga bras ensure you get the coverage and lift you need while you move in different positions. Our crossback bra features crisscross straps in the back for those who need a little more support in the front. T-back cropped bras are designed with a compression fit and adjustable straps for tailored support, so you can comfortably stand on your head without worrying about your chest. With our selection of colors, styles and sizes, there's sure to be something that makes you look good and feel even better. Enjoy your yoga session with comfortable and secure yoga sports bras from adidas.

If you need a lightweight bra option that still offers some support, take a look at our collection of light-support yoga bras. When you are less worried about bulk and just need some compression while you stretch and move, choose from a wide range of yoga bras that are designed to fit just right. Light-support bras have thin straps that you will barely notice are there. The silky material feels smooth against your skin, and the cool designs make them easy to wear all on their own. For the girl who is both sporty and sassy, bras by Stella McCartney offer a range of support options, with chic, open-back cutouts and made from top-quality materials.

When you are transitioning from up poses to down poses and twisting and turning on the mat, you'll want yoga sports bras that move with you and don't chafe your skin. That's why these sports bras by adidas are made with comfort in mind. Find bras that are seamless and feel like they are barely there. Or get one with a snug elastic band. Length is also important. A shorter cut means less fabric on your skin, so when you're in the Bikram studio, you have less skin coverage. Longer bras are cut at the high-midriff area and are sometimes preferred for more comfort and support. They also second as a crop top and look great with high-waist yoga pants. Express yourself in the yoga studio with multiple options for yoga sports bras in various colors and designs. Colorful options range from bright oranges to highlighter yellows. Muted colors like sage and rose are timeless and can match with anything. Go bold and get into your supported pose with yoga sports bras by adidas.