adidas / February 2022

Choosing Your Light Support Sports Bra

Ideal for low-impact activities and smaller cup sizes, light support sports bras are your ticket to comfortable, flexible movement.

Find Your Fit

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. Not every occasion or body type calls for the structure of a highly supportive sports bra. Before diving in, first do a quick check to see if you’re wearing the correct size by learning how to fit your sports bra
Smaller cup sizes may not need as much support as larger cups for the same activity. Depending on your size, you’ll want to consider a light or medium support sports bra for studio or training activities to achieve the optimal balance of support and comfort as you stretch and flex. Use this light support sports bra guide to help determine the right bra for you. The most important thing is that you feel secure and confident no matter what you choose.

When To Wear a Light Support Studio Bra

If you have smaller breasts, light support sports bras should offer you enough support for studio activities like yoga, barre, Pilates and stretching. The compression in these bras is lighter, making them feel more comfortable so you can move freely through every stretch and pose. adidas Studio bras are specially designed for this purpose—inspired by ballet wear, they feature super-soft fabric with seams that emphasize full range of movement in the body. If you’re worried about breast movement or you prefer a more secure fit, you may want to look at medium support Studio bras, or a light support Train bra.

When To Reach for a Light Support Train Bra

Low impact activities like weightlifting, climbing and golf can range in intensity, but cause less bouncing movement than spin, HIIT or team sports. For these lower-intensity activities and smaller cup sizes, you could consider light support bras specifically designed for training. Although they offer less support than their more compressive counterparts, they feature strong performance fabric keeping you feeling dry and unrestricted. Their increased comfort makes them ideal to wear from gym to street. If you’re concerned about too much breast movement when you train, or you just prefer a closer, more secure fit, our medium or high support Train bras might be a better option.

Light Support Bras for Your Everyday

Ever since 2020, all-day comfort is a trend that’s here to stay. adidas Everyday bras offer the kind of support and comfort that actually feels better than wearing no bra at all. Offering either removable padding or none at all, and soft, stretchy fabric, it’s a barely-there feel you won’t want to live without. Designed for 24/7 comfort, the light support Everyday bras are for everything from lounging around the house to stepping out for a coffee or running errands. adidas Everyday bras are lightweight, soft to the touch and feel like a gentle hug you won’t want to take off. 
adidas / February 2022