Men's Yoga Clothes

Flow through your poses with ease in men's yoga clothes from adidas. Shop the pieces that take you from the studio to the street in comfort and style.

adidas Men's Yoga Clothes

Drop into the present moment and flow from pose to pose without restrictions in men's yoga clothes made by adidas. From pants and training shorts to sweatshirts and tops, men's yoga apparel is designed to keep you comfortable, dry and focused, no matter where life takes you. Look for adidas technologies like AEROREADY, which fights off sweat to keep you feeling dry and focused, and HEAT.RDY, which air-cools and absorbs moisture, making it an excellent choice for hot yoga. No matter if you're headed to your mat for stretching and handstands, to the gym for squats and deadlifts or to the park for leisurely walks or timed runs, our men's yoga clothes have you covered.

Choose from colorful graphics that speak to your passion for mindfulness, solid colors that match your vibe and eye-catching patterns that let you stand out even more than you already do. Find total freedom to flow in adidas two-in-one yoga workout shorts, featuring two layers of of stretchy, comfortable fabric and moisture-reducing AEROREADY technology. Inner tights stay in place to keep you covered and comfortable during headstands, shoulder stands, sheel poses, down dogs, plow poses and full inversions. Discover men's yoga clothes from adidas and get into your uninterrupted flow.

Men's Yoga Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

The way yoga pants and workout pants need to move with your body is a little different, so they use slightly different fabrics. Men's yoga pants need to flow with all your poses, bends and inversions, so they're typically soft and stretchy. Workout pants are often made with lightweight technical fabrics that wick moisture and support jumping, lifting and a full range of activities at the gym. Both kinds of pants come in a variety of cuts, from body-hugging to more relaxed.
Some yoga pants are made with thicker fabric, like sweat pants, but many are made with lightweight, thin fabric, especially for hot yoga. But they still need to provide coverage during stretches. Opaque black yoga pants are a classic. They perform during the tough Asanas and also move easily from the studio to the juice-bar after-party.
For hot yoga, guys may want to wear shorts instead of leggings or pants. Long bike shorts are a good option, since they won't ride up the way looser shorts can. Two-in-one shorts with built-in liners also provide full coverage. Look for men's yoga clothing made with moisture-absorbing fabric to handle intense heat. Visit our blog for more on >what to wear to your next yoga class.