Women's Trail Running Shoes


adidas Women's Trail Running Shoes

Escape the city and find the freedom and clarity of the trail. Women's trail running shoes from adidas provide comfort, stability and traction to face down unpredictable conditions and keep you moving toward your destination. Our trail running shoes have lightweight uppers made of breathable mesh that hug the foot and help you stay cool over long distances. Abrasion-resistant materials stand up to roots and rocks. Gusseted tongues help seal out debris. Because unexpected showers and big puddles are a fact of life when you're running on trails, some women's trail running sneakers are made with waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membranes to keep out the wet while allowing heat and moisture to escape.

Women's trail running shoes from adidas are made with cushioning that sets you up to go the distance without weighing you down. Some styles combine the energy return of adidas Boost with ultralight Lightstrike cushioning for a responsive feel and smooth ride. Rock protection plates between the midsole and outsole give you confidence and support on rugged terrain. Continental™ Rubber outsoles offer extraordinary traction from the forest floor to the rocky alpine. Wherever your trail running takes you, shop adidas to find women's trail running shoes to help you reach the summit.

Women's Trail Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Trail running shoes generally last for 300 to 500 miles, but many factors may affect this number. The terrain you run on, the temperatures when you run and your gait all age your women’s trail running shoes differently. A thicker midsole generally lasts longer. The shoes wear down faster if you use them for non-running activities like errands and everyday walking. The outsole lasts longer than the other parts of the shoe, so if the tread is worn out, it’s time for a new pair. Logging your weekly miles can help you keep track.
In trail running shoes, you should look for a rugged rubber outsole with lugs or studs for grip on gravel, mud and slippery spots. An abrasion-resistant upper will stand up to scuffs. A stiff structure prevents foot rotation on uneven surfaces. For additional ankle support, look for a mid- or high-top women’s trail running shoe.
You can wear road running shoes for gentle trail running, but be cautious. Road shoes lack the stability, traction and protection you need on uneven surfaces. The gravel, debris, mud and flora found on rougher trails will also wear down your road shoes, which were not designed for a trail environment. Women’s trail running shoes are built to handle trail terrain. Read more about the difference between trail and road running shoes on our blog.
You may want to consider buying your trail running shoes a half-size bigger than your street shoe size. When you run, your toes are pushed closer to the end of the shoe. Feet also swell after long periods of exercise. But you still want a snug fit for safety and support on the terrain. Aim for a snug fit at the midfoot and heel, with some room in the toe box to spread and wiggle your toes comfortably. This may be a half-size bigger, but everyone is different.