Women's Outdoor Shoes

Boggy paths? Bumpy terrain? Bring it on. Women's outdoor shoes from adidas are sturdy and supportive to help you tackle the trail with confidence.
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adidas Women's Outdoor Shoes

Embrace any kind of terrain and all the adventure outside with women's outdoor shoes that are made for Mother Nature. You'll find every option you're looking for, whether it's boots or sandals or running shoes for your favorite trail. Browse thoughtfully designed details like speed lacing for easy wear or ripstop mesh uppers that let your feet breathe as you make your way through any excursion. Heading out when it's cold and wet? No problem at all. GORE-TEX membranes keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable without overheating. You'll maintain a secure grip on the ground even if it's muddy and wet, thanks to Continental™ Rubber outsoles that offer superior traction.

Choose women's lightweight hiking shoes for shorter hikes that are a little more casual with a relaxed pace. If you like long hikes, go for a heavier pair for extra durability and support. Stay cool in hot weather with sandals designed with adjustable straps and a lightweight, cushioned insole for exploring in comfort and style. Traxion rubber outsoles give you maximum grip in all directions so you can feel secure as you adventure. Check out all kinds of women's outdoor shoes from adidas for your next best day under the sun.

Women's Outdoor Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The most comfortable women’s hiking boots depend on your style of hiking and where you hike. For shorter, casual hikes, a lightweight hiking shoe is great for comfort on the trail. If you hike longer distances more frequently, the durability of a heavier pair of boots may be a better option. If you like to have extra ankle support, high-top boots will help with stability.
It’s ok to wear trail running shoes when you go day hiking, as long as the sole has good traction. Trail runners are designed to be worn on irregular terrain, so they’re also good for casual hiking as long as you’re not carrying a heavy load. If you’re packing more than 30 pounds or have a history of ankle injuries, you might search for women’s hiking boots instead. Running shoes are also designed to best support the specific gait of running. For the slower, steady pace of walking, women’s hiking shoes or boots have the right support built in. Learn more about the differences between trail running shoes and running shoes at the adidas blog.
There are pros and cons to hiking in both boots and sneakers. Women’s hiking sneakers weigh less than boots, which plays a big role in your long-term comfort. Shoes are also quicker to dry than boots. However, the rugged durability of a pair of women’s hiking boots is hard to beat, especially if you are a frequent hiker. Boots also have better ankle support and are ideal for off-road, rocky terrain.