Women's Turf Soccer Shoes

You need the right gear for playing on an artificial surface. adidas women’s turf soccer shoes offer the stability and control to help you put the ball exactly where you want it, all match long.
Turf is an unforgiving surface when using the wrong outsole. It demands a specific stud pattern and robust construction to generate grip and control.

Women's Soccer Shoes Turf

Every day is a chance to create. Creators don't run from challenges; they look forward to them. Focus on your strengths to leave your mark. adidas has women's soccer shoes turf for every type of Creator. From unpredictable disrupters and relentless pursuers to the masters of control, shop from the lineup of women's soccer shoes turf on with the perfect technology to support your game.

Our women's soccer shoes turf are designed to help you outperform your opponent. Snug compression-specific uppers for an instantly comfortable fit, ultra-lightweight outsole frames to unleash your speed, and traction to keep you in control. Announce your arrival in primary colorways and let your feet do the talking. Or look for new graphic prints to make a bold statement. Creativity is everything in today's game. It makes the difference and raises the standard. Start creating.

Women's Turf Soccer Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of cleats available for turf, firm ground (dry natural grass) and artificial grass. Wear turf-specific cleats when playing soccer on artificial turf. Women's soccer turf shoes have short, lugged rubber cleats on the outsole. Don't wear cleats made for firm ground or artificial grass on turf, because they can damage the turf surface.
Turf cleats have shallow, lugged cleats, while outdoor cleats have longer cleats that can dig into the ground. Women's soccer turf shoes have short rubber cleats for optimum traction on short-bladed artificial turf. If you're playing outdoors on dry, natural grass, you should wear FG (firm ground) cleats for proper traction.
You can wear your turf shoes on natural grass, but they won't give you the best traction compared to firm ground (FG) cleats made for grass. Women's turf soccer shoes have short lugged rubber cleats that are made for the short-bladed artificial turf — they can't dig into natural grass like FG cleats do.