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Women's Soccer Shin Guards

Feel unstoppable. From slip-in guards to ankle protection with straps, our women's soccer shin guards keeps you covered on pitch without sacrificing comfort. Shop high-performance soccer gear and cleats at adidas.

adidas Women's Soccer Shin Guards

Feel confident and unstoppable in the latest women's soccer shin guards from adidas. Lightweight and flexible, these shin guards are designed to absorb heavy kicks and the hardest of impacts. But despite their shock-absorption capabilities, women's soccer shin pads still allow you to maintain your full range of motion on the field. So you can fly around, attack the defense, chase down loose balls, cut to the open space and make a lightning-quick assist without feeling weighed down or burdened by your shin guards. And while these shin guards feature innovative tech that will keep you feeling safe on the field, they don't sacrifice style. They come in a number of vibrant hues and bold colors, like Shock Pink and metallic black. Match your shin guards with your team's uniform for a sweet-looking matching fit. So shop women's soccer shin guards from adidas, and get ready to play with ultimate confidence.

Women's soccer shin guards from adidas are designed to keep you on the field and playing at full speed. These are not clunky or overweight shin guards. They are low-profile hard shields that are backed by cushioning that will absorb the hardest hits. So you don't have to worry about a mistimed tackle or stray kick taking you out of the game. With women's soccer ankle shin guards, you can run through contact, get into the open field and drill that shot right past the goalie's outstretched hands. Many of the shin guards adidas has to offer feature separate retaining sleeves. You slip the hard exterior shells into the sleeves and then slide everything up to your shin. The retaining sleeves will hold the guard in place and won't move. This is a key aspect, as you can play at your best and not worry about any distractions with these women's soccer shin guards from adidas.

With women's soccer shin guards from adidas, you can bolster your defenses on the soccer field with a name you can trust. That 3-Stripes reliability is a big benefit of these shin guards. It allows you to play confidently, knowing that these shin guards will protect you from any accidental kicks or fast-moving balls. And if you are looking for a bit more protection on the field, you should check out women's soccer ankle shin guards. These shin guards feature ankle guards that extend down to your ankles for added support and protection. They might not be as low profile as other pads, but they'll keep you confident as you glide through slides and lunges on your way to goal. Plus these shin guards feature perforations that allow for breathability, which will help your shins not get so sweaty. With women's soccer shin guards from adidas, you can't go wrong.

Besides shock and impact absorption, comfort is a key benefit of women's soccer shin guards from adidas. The hard exterior shell of these shin guards is always backed by a soft foam, like EVA, that feels comfortable against your leg. The foam, coupled with the lightweight build, allows the shin guards to stay out of the way and not hold you back as you sprint down the field. But if you are looking for a more streamlined look and feel, check out women's soccer shin socks. You can tuck these guards into socks for grab-and-go coverage. These shin guards also allow you to showcase your sock style on the field, as they won't cover up your socks' designs or colors. They are a great option if you want a seamless look while still being protected. So shop women's soccer shin guards from adidas, and get ready to go all out on the field.