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Women's Soccer Shorts

Get in the game with adidas women’s soccer shorts made to move from gamedays to practices. Lightweight, breathable fabric is sweat-wicking to keep you cool, dry and focused on playing your best. Complete your kit with a pair of cleats.

adidas Women's Soccer Shorts

Breeze past players with lightweight women's shorts from adidas. Game day, training sessions, enjoying summer life. That's what our soccer shorts are made for, so you can enjoy every workout or day in the sun with soft, breathable materials that help keep you moving. This makes adidas women's soccer shorts the perfect choice for all your training sessions, kickarounds in the park and crunch game day fixtures. When you're ready to kick back and relax after a long day on the field, these shorts will help you do just that, in comfort and style. Put your feet up, and get the rest you deserve, or get back out there and enjoy the sunshine. From the field to the street, our shorts are ready for it all.

Always be in the game. adidas women's soccer training shorts have been designed and developed to keep your focus on the ball and mind in the game. That's because of our lightweight, breathable materials that allow your body to move freely without restriction. Lunge for a tackle, sprint down the wing, send one top bins. Never be held back by your gear again. The soft, stretchy materials of our women's soccer training shorts allow you to keep moving without a worry in mind. AROREADY makes sure of that, absorbing moisture to keep your sweat off you when the action heats up, and stopping your shorts from becoming wet and sticky. Feel the fresh air on your legs with mesh linings that increase airflow. Say goodbye to gear that clings to your body; say hello to maximum freedom as you stretch for a lofted through ball behind the defense. No more stopping to pull up your shorts or adjusting out that wedgie that's been bothering you all half. Now you can jump hurdles, run through cones and get your tiki-taka passing flowing distraction free, every time you head out onto the field. Keep your mind on what's important and always be in the game with adidas.

All of our women's soccer training shorts are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and performance, so you can play again and again in them and never have to worry. Added features make sure of that, giving you the perfect fit and feel for your playing style. Drawstrings allow you to adjust your shorts whenever needed, while wide waistbands offer that bit of extra support. Choose from a range of styles and fits, including women's high-waisted shorts and extra-long shorts, to find the pair that suits your stride. Then get out there and show off your skills. Tastigo or Entrada shorts are a great start if you're new to the beautiful game or don't play regularly. Tiro shorts are the best of the best, for serious soccer stars with a passion for success. Perfect your style with the full kit. We have cleats, socks, jerseys and more to get you looking and playing like a pro. A variety of colors and designs will keep you looking fresh on the field.

Look like a pro and play like a pro. It's simple. The biggest stars of soccer aren't running around in gear that clings and sticks to them as they chase a pass for a last-minute winner. The best players in the world aren't held back by heavy shorts that restrict their movement as they smash a volley into the top corner from the edge of the box. So you shouldn't be either. Every game is a chance to redefine your limits. To show off your skills to the world and play the beautiful game your way. Focus on the challenge ahead with women's soccer training shorts that let you play distraction free and enjoy doing what you love. Let nothing get between you and the ball. Shop women's soccer shorts from adidas for comfort that's made to play.