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Women's Racerback Sports Bras


adidas Women’s Racerback Sports Bras 

Reaching new heights doesn’t come by hesitating. adidas racerback sports bras invite you to use your full range of motion without a second thought, so you can make the most of your energy and focus on refining your skills. Supportive and flexible materials provide a secure cross-back fit while openings along the shoulder blades let you move freely. Sweat-wicking features like AEROREADY help keep you dry and comfortable as you turn up the heat, helping you stay locked in on your goals. Padded racerback sports bras with removable pads let you optimize the feel of your activewear on any day. Whether you plan on rocking your cross-back sports bra as a crop-top or layering it under an athletic shirt, there are plenty of distinctive styles to explore to start any workout with a confident look that conveys your creativity and drive. Shop adidas online for supportive racerback sports bras to arrive at the gym or track ready to hold nothing back.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Racerback Sports Bras

What is a racerback bra? 

A racerback bra differs from traditional bras because the straps cross in the middle of the back to form an X-shape. These bras offer additional support to women of all sizes but are particularly beneficial for women with large breasts because the strap design provides extra lift and support. Racerback bras also provide additional comfort by dispersing weight more evenly across the back, while also providing a different design style than a standard sports bra. The crossed back straps offer added options for styling along with the performance benefits. The strap design also helps prevent slippage and is easy to conceal under clothing. 

Do racerback bras give more support? 

Racerback bras do offer more support than traditional bras because they have a unique strap design that meet and cross in the middle of the back. This provides additional lift and helps evenly distribute weight across the neck, back and shoulders. Racerback bras fit very securely as the strap design greatly reduces strap slippage and can also aid in proper posture

How should a racerback sports bra fit? 

A racerback sports bra should fit tighter than a normal bra but should not restrict breathing or create any high friction points. You should ideally be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders. Wrinkles or bunched up fabric can be signs of a bra being either too small or large. It’s important to look for gaps or areas where the bra is not fitting snuggly against the skin. You should also test the bra’s fit through a full range of motion to ensure it will be comfortable, supportive, breathable and works with your specific body type. Learn how to prevent chafing while you run with the right gear.