Women's Leather Soccer Cleats & Shoes

Whether playing on firm ground or indoor turf, women's adidas leather soccer cleats and shoes provide the traction, durability and touch to excel at the game.

adidas Women's Leather Soccer Cleats & Shoes

Kick it with the best of them in a pair of women's leather soccer cleats and shoes from adidas. Before you suit up to play, it's important to know there are different kinds of cleats for every playing surface. Cleats labeled "FG" are for playing on firm ground grass surfaces that are dry. "SG" stands for soft ground, made for natural grass surfaces that are wet, patchy or muddy. Women's leather shoes labeled "turf" are made for artificial grass — they have a molded outsole to give you traction all over the field. The Copa Pure are among our favorite women's leather turf shoes.

If you play futsal or any type of indoor soccer, then you'll want a pair of women's leather soccer shoes. They have a rubber outsole just like a regular pair of sneakers, so you can have the right grip to move freely and show off your footwork. If you're in it for style, it doesn't get any more classic than our Samba shoes. Now that you know the different kinds of women's leather soccer cleats and shoes, all you have to do is find your favorite pair and show everyone what you can do on the field.