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When you’re on your way to the gym or just want a sporty look for any activity, adidas sweatsuits and warm up sets give you total comfort and sleek style. Mix and match colors for a bold look.
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adidas Warmup Clothing

The iconic 3-Stripes track suits and warm-up clothing by adidas offer more than just impeccable athletic style. While looking cool, they keep your muscles and joints warm while you warm up. Warming up is highly important before games and practices for two reasons: to improve performance and to prevent injury. If your joints are stiff and cold, you are more prone to pull a muscle. Keep your muscles agile and limber while they feel the heat in your smart-looking track suits. But warmups go way beyond just the track or even the suit. Exploration suits with RAIN.RDY seal out wet conditions to battle the most intense weather on all of your adventures. Find a variety of tops, pants and even overalls that you can mix and match to complete any look for every sport or all-day wear. Gear up the whole family in warmups tailored especially for kids, women and men.

Dribbling down the pitch or on the court, full-body warmups track suits are sure to accelerate your body temperature. Whether you need a breathable shell to battle the cold and bitter winds or you intend to accelerate your warmup so it takes less time, warmup clothing accomplishes both. During the game, keep your muscles heated with the insulation of both the pants and matching top so you are ready to jump in the game at any moment. Because you want to stay toasty but not soak in your own sweat, these warmups are made with AEROREADY to absorb moisture and keep you dry. Warmup hoodies are a basketball fashion favorite that you can wear on the court or layered underneath a jersey, while jackets with a full zip are easy to throw on and take off when it's time to sub in for your teammate. Find a style that fits the right look for the whole family with choices like a slim-fit cut, wide-legged pants or the classic track suit.

Not only integral for outdoor sports, warmup clothing is just as important for those sports that require a lot of movement. Gymnastics, Pilates and yoga are just a few of the sports that depend on a proper warmup before engaging in full performance. Without an adequate body temperature, it's that much harder to stick the landing. Warmups help to prevent stiff muscles before any of your tumbling, jumping, dancing or headstands, so your ligaments are ready for every twist and turn. Layering with apparel that allows for a wide range of motion is a great way to work up a sweat with less fabric constraints. Gear up with warmup tops like leotards that offer less restriction than tank tops or tees. Because of the singlet design, they won't fall over your head when you cartwheel or get into Downward Dog Pose. When you want to keep your body at the perfect temperature between vaults and parallel bars or stretches and yoga poses, retain your warmth in a full-cover top.

Although warmups are ideal for warming up your muscles, they are also worn to warm up your street style. From running to the store to boogying on the dance floor, warmups track suits can accommodate all your lifestyle events. And the best part about wearing such stylish, movable and soft warmups pants is that when it comes to relaxing at home in between your busy schedule or just on a lazy day, you won't want to take them off. Ready for action but also down to just chill, the adidas line of warmup tops and pants will move with you, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. Layer up, warm up and sport your athletic style with a fashion-forward design or the classic 3-Stripes warmup clothing.