Soccer Sneakers

Rock your soccer sneakers after you've left it all on the field. Wear them for everyday activities while still keeping that iconic on-field look.

adidas Soccer Sneakers

Show your skills on the court and your style on the street by choosing a pair of shoes from our range of soccer sneakers. If you're buying a pair to help you perform, first you need to work out the surface you'll be playing on. Our artificial turf shoes have special lugs on their rubber outsoles to help keep you stable on short-bladed artificial turf. Our indoor soccer shoes, meanwhile, sit on special grippy rubber outsoles that help with sidesteps and short bursts of acceleration on hard, flat surfaces. In fact, partly due to those flat, high-traction outsoles, some indoor shoes have transcended the sport to become popular streetwear shoes.

If you're looking for a pair of soccer sneakers that have proved themselves on the street, look no further than the iconic adidas Samba. First produced in 1949 to help soccer players train on hard, icy ground, they have since become one of the best-selling sneakers in history. If you want to show off a more contemporary look, however, you can choose from our four main soccer styles: the control-focused Predator, touch-enhancing Copa, speed-boosting X and expressive Gamemode. However you play your beautiful game, wherever you wear your soccer sneakers, browse our selection above to find a pair you'll love.