Long Sleeve Shirts For Running

A chill in the air won’t slow you down with adidas running long-sleeve shirts. Enjoy warmth and coverage from your morning jog to twilight run in soft, comfortable fabric that’s made to move.

adidas Long Sleeve Running Shirts

Head out the door with confidence in adidas long sleeve running shirts. Designed to get you moving freely, adidas long sleeve shirts are built with innovative tech at the forefront, so you can be practical and comfortable wherever you go. Whether you're heading out for your daily jog, competing for medals or just need athletic wear you can explore the world in, good-quality materials will make sure you stay happy and ready whatever you're up to. And no matter what you're doing, preparing for the weather is something every athlete has to think about. On those unpredictable days when the weather can change at any point, a long sleeve shirt could be your running savior. That's why we've built long sleeve tops for every condition.

If keeping warm is at the top of your priorities, COLD.RDY creates a layer of insulation to keep your body warm and your muscles loose. If staying cool is vital, HEAT.RDY shirts are made from lightweight, breathable materials that will help you keep your cool when you need to. AEROREADY absorbs moisture to keep you dry on those really sweaty runs. So whatever your preference, look for the long sleeve top made for you. Never let the weather get in the way of greatness with adidas long sleeve running shirts.