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Reflective Clothing

Clothes with reflective features are a must-have for anyone who loves exercising outdoors in low-light conditions. With adidas reflective clothing, you'll stand out in the darkness as you cross roads and head down narrow trails. From long-line coats to lightweight tank tops, you can stay seen in all weather conditions. We have reflective apparel items for men, women and kids, so you can make your early morning run a family affair. Many of our jackets, tracksuit bottoms and leggings also include zip pockets so you can keep your keys and other essentials safe and accessible while you're on the go. Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, or you just want a little extra visibility on your early morning commute, our reflective clothes range has all the pieces you need.

adidas Reflective Clothing

Sometimes the extra mile requires extra gear. For after-hours training sessions and early morning jogs, reflective clothing is essential. Don't let darkness, cold or rain keep you from your goals. Warm workout gear and outerwear will keep you training even in the dark with tech-infused fabrics and technology such as AEROREADY, which manages your body's moisture to keep you dry and in the zone. Mesh ventilation in targeted sweat zones gives breathability, while durable design stays put even through your squat set. From warmup to cool-down, you'll feel at ease with comfortable fits and liners. From polar fleece lining for cozy feels to shoes with an adidas PRIMEKNIT sock that conforms to feet for added support, experience all-day comfort while you go all out. For the coldest nights, COLD.RDY HeatSeal eliminates cold spots. Add the hood for extra storm coverage, or detach it for a clean modern look you can wear daily. Let no shadow stand in your way. Find adidas reflective clothing, and level up your regimen.

Dark and stormy night? No problem, because you're rocking your adidas reflective outfit. Reflective accents shine on your early morning dog walk. Thankfully, you're sporting threads with handsome silhouettes and modern cuts, because you're sure to be noticed. While fluorescent elements deliver maximum style points, visibility markers highlight your biological motions. Biomotion uses the innate ability of humans to recognize the movements of other humans by their motions and applies that intelligence to apparel design. The result? Reflective visibility that moves with you and acts as a beacon, no matter how dark the night. When the sun sets and the temps drop, protect yourself from getting chilled. Lined winter pants provide all the warmth of a snowsuit with unmatched style from Stella McCartney. For long hikes on cold days, our double-insulated winter jacket features a layer of down close to the body, with COLD.RDY HeatSeal down baffles to eliminate drafts and cold wind. No matter the conditions, take it to your ultimate limit in adidas reflective outfits.

As daylight slips away, you gear up for your dusk run in adidas reflective outwear. It's time to hit the streets, and this is your moment. Wear reflective clothing on your runs, walks and bike rides — check out adidas low-light and nighttime reflective clothing, accessories and outerwear. Whether you're looking for reflective jackets, shirts, pants or hats, we have the apparel you need that shines in low-light conditions. Our light-refracting outerwear is perfect for early birds looking to beat their best time before the sun ever rises. Night owls seeking the solitude of darkness will feel confident pounding out cathartic miles with bright, reflective strips that shine in the dark. And our reflective gear is not just for runners — it's also great for cyclists, pedestrians and anyone who wants to be noticed when they're out and about. Secure a better route when you bring your own reflection. Shop adidas reflective outerwear that shines in low light.

Safety comes first, but you never have to sacrifice fashion or function with adidas reflective running clothes. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect equipment to suit your needs. Crafted from soft, stretchy fabric for ultimate comfort, the fast-charging and long-lasting glow-in-the-dark foil adds stylish appeal to bottoms and tops. Chic styles come equipped with performance-driven specs and reflective lines so that you're noticed. Stay comfortable head to toe with windproof, rainproof and cold-proof running attire. Get all your running basics, from your standard running shorts to the clutch marathon training jacket. We've taken care of all the specs so you can focus on your splits. Not sure what the weather will be like at mile 10? Our easy-to-pack long sleeve running top comes equipped with reflective details that shine in low light, so you can keep crushing miles long after dark. Whether you're on the go or set to sweat, find reflective running clothes that light up the night.