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Men's Running Tights


Stay comfortable and move freely in our men's running tights and leggings. Shop full length, solid black and breathable styles, all built with soft, stretchy fabric that moves with you as you train.

adidas Men’s Running Tights and Leggings

Running is a four-season sport. Our men’s running tights cover all the bases for comfort, style and performance to keep you training through all kinds of weather. Lightweight, and durable, men's running tights are made to eliminate distractions so you can perform to your potential. AEROREADY manages moisture to help you stay dry on sunny days and steep hills. When the weather cools down, running tights offer an extra layer that stands between you and the chill. Stretchy fabric supports a natural range of motion, while a secure elastic waistband locks in the fit. We’ve used high-performance recycled materials in some designs as part of our commitment to help end plastic waste. Zip pockets on some models ensure that your key is secure, your phone is close and a gel is always at the ready. Reflective details help you stand out on country roads and city streets. Shop adidas for men’s running leggings and tights you can wear anytime of the year.

Men's Running Tights Frequently Asked Questions

Running tights can be beneficial to runners as they provide warmth, additional support and increased blood circulation to the legs and protection from the elements. Running tights are made with sweat-wicking materials like nylon and polyester that offer body temperature regulation. They also deliver a degree of wind and water resistance that allow runners to focus their minds on their performance rather than the weather .Compression tights deliver support for muscles, which aids blood circulation and muscle recovery. Many running tights also have reflective materials that offer added visibility in low-light conditions.
Men’s running tights should fit snugly to provide the maximum benefits of muscle compression and heat retention. It’s important that your running tights fit securely without restricting your movements. Make sure the seams lie in the right places to avoid potential skin irritation, chaffing or a reduction of blood circulation. Getting the length right is also crucial since tights that are too long can interfere with how your shoes fit and hinder your running performance. Conversely, tights that are too short will not offer full coverage, leaving parts of your legs exposed to the elements.
Running in shorts or tights is a personal preference as each option provides unique benefits for your performance. Many runners traditionally favor shorts because of the free range of motion, comfort and breathability while not feeling restrictive. Other runners choose tights because they prefer the supportive feel, reduced chaffing and added aerodynamics from the lack of loose material.