Men's Overpronation Running Shoes

Stay a step ahead of injury issues by lacing up men's overpronation running shoes. SolarGlide sneakers use adidas Boost for max stability and arch support.

adidas Men's Overpronation Running Shoes

For runners who overpronate, choosing the right pair of running shoes is more than a matter of comfort — it's a matter of safety. Men's overpronation running shoes from adidas give you the stability to feel good on your feet as you clock the miles. Overpronation is what happens when you roll your foot inward too much through the stride. That's why men's running shoes with arch support help better distribute the impact of foot landings. They're reinforced on the medial (or inner) side of the foot, so you feel supported throughout the entire gait cycle.

One of our most popular franchises for overpronators is adidas Solar. From SOLARBOOST to SOLARGLIDE to SOLARCONTROL, these men's overpronation running sneakers are a go-to choice for daily miles. They come with different features and technologies for various weather conditions and purposes. But all of them are made for extra stability, whether that be with Stable Frame or adidas LEP 2.0. Stable Frame guides your foot through the gait cycle. adidas LEP 2.0 both guides the heel strike and supports the foot through transition onto a propulsive toe-off. Explore our men's overpronation running shoes to find a pair that will keep you comfortable from first mile to last.