Men's Running Accessories

The details can make all the difference, so gear up for your best run yet with adidas men’s running accessories. From socks to waist bags and lightweight hats, you’ll have all you need for a new PR.
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Mens running accessories

Created to make your run more enjoyable, mens running accessories enable you to go the whole distance in maximum comfort and style. From running armbands, hats and gloves to backpacks and belts, adidas provides high-quality and high-impact running accessories for men that are built to last. Whether you want to protect your eyes from the sun with inbuilt Climacool technology in an adidas cap or lightweight sunglasses, wear a sports armband to make carrying devices easier and safer, or need cushioned socks that support your muscles during training, adidas has a wide choice of running gear for men, suited to every individual need.

Get in gear

When it comes to running accessories for men, you need to make sure that your accessories blend with your lifestyle. With the right mens running accessories, you can be sure that not only are they designed for comfort and endurance, they are also lightweight enough to carry to and from work or the gym with ease. Whether you’re taking a short jog during your lunch and require a running belt or are training for a marathon and need lightweight compression socks, adidas has a range of mens running accessories that will make every mile more comfortable.

Making the most of your runs

With adidas mens jogging accessories you can listen to a motivational playlist on your phone using a run media arm pouch, safe in the knowledge that it offers waterproof protection. You can warm up and pop on a headband made with a fleece lining that’s perfect for jogging in cold weather. Or, if you’re doing a long-distance run, you can invest in a running belt with two water bottle pockets, complete with anti-slip coating and zip compartments to keep personal items secure. maximize your workout with the adidas range of running accessories for men.

Men's Running Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

A few running accessories can make a run go more smoothly. Runners need lightweight, comfortable socks that absorb sweat and don't bunch up. A hat or visor and sport sunglasses always come in handy to keep the sun out of your eyes. You might want gloves and a beanie if it's cold or wet. A water bottle is a must to stay hydrated, and a small bag like a sackpack makes it easy to carry your essentials. If you're running at night, consider a reflective or hi-vis vest. Read more about running gear on our blog.
When choosing running socks, avoid cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and stays wet after you sweat. Instead, look for technical fabrics with moisture-absorbing technology such as adidas AEROREADY. Many runners like a no-show or ankle-length sock, but a crew, quarter or over-the-knee length might be preferable depending on the weather. Most important, make sure your socks fit snugly without bunching, folding or slipping. Compression fabric, arch support and venting also help keep you distraction-free on your runs. Check out our full selection of men's running socks and find your perfect fit.
A visor lends itself well to different hairstyles, especially if you have long hair. It will keep your hair out of your face, and as a bonus, a ponytail, braid or messy bun looks great in a visor. Running visors keep you comfortable by shielding your eyes from bright sun and wicking your forehead sweat. Outside of running, a visor pairs well with a track suit, a hoodie and tights, or any number of sporty and casual looks.