Men's Climbing Shoes

Find your footing at the crag in men's climbing shoes. Choose from versatile shoes made for all-around climbing or technical styles for more aggressive routes.

adidas Men's Climbing Shoes

If you're interested in climbing, you're also interested in the essential shoes that make it possible. adidas makes men's climbing shoes tailored for every type of climbing: bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, mountaineering and more. adidas makes men's climbing sneakers for your specific climbing needs. Here's what to look for in men's climbing shoes and men's bouldering shoes: first off, the proper fit. Climbing shoes should always fit snug, without any pain or discomfort. Look for shoes that fit with little empty space in the toe box. That super-snug, close fit is what gives you the control and precision you want on the rock face. Next, think about the shape of the shoe (known as the "last"). A downturned last is more suitable for steep overhanging climbs, whereas a flatter one is more neutral and versatile

How about the outsole? A solid, high-grip rubber sole is critical. Men's climbing footwear is fashioned from sticky, high-friction rubber that supports you as you smear, edge and grip small holds. Some men's climbing sneakers use hook-and-loop straps; others come with laces. In general, laces can be more adjustable, hook-and-loop closures give a secure, locked-in feel. Browse men's climbing shoes for your next ascent.

Men's Climbing Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

No, you shouldn't walk in climbing shoes. Regular walking in climbing shoes isn't comfortable or convenient, and some climbing shoes have a downturned angle designed to help you grip the wall in various positions. Wear your climbing shoes only when you're climbing.
Good climbing shoes make a difference in your climbs. High-quality rubber and ripstop upper materials help your shoes stand up to wear and tear. More advanced climbing shoes have aggressive downturns, which are thoughtfully designed for smaller holds and single-pitch climbs. A well-designed climbing shoe will elevate your climbing experience.
Some climbing shoes work great for bouldering, but make sure your shoe is appropriate for the level of activity you'll be doing. Beginner boulderers should look for a shoe with a neutral (flat) outsole. As you strengthen your feet and become more advanced, you should look for shoes with more of a downturn. Read more about choosing rock-climbing shoes.