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Leather High Tops

If B-ball is your jam, if skate's your great love, if style is worth your while, leather high tops from adidas are the free-spirited sneakers for you.
Y-3 Black Y-3 PRO MODELY-3 Black Y-3 PRO MODEL
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Y-3 White Y-3 Centennial HiY-3 White Y-3 Centennial Hi
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Y-3 Centennial Hi


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adidas Leather High Tops

From classic hoops-inspired sneakers to today's hardwood playmakers and beyond, adidas leather high tops take iconic 3-Stripes style to bold new heights. Whether you're looking to play hoops, skate or stand out on the scene, leather high top sneakers have what it takes to win in all situations. Lace up a favorite old-school hoops style like the Rivalry High, the Forum Mid or the iconic Top Ten. Prized by hoops enthusiasts and skaters alike, these leather high top shoes provide solid ankle support and underfoot cushioning for all your moves, whether you're out on foot with friends or popping ollies on the sidewalk.

Leave it to the brand with the Three Stripes to roll out the most impactful leather high tops on the planet. Game-changing performance is our pedigree, and nothing shows off our iconic designs better than leather high top sneakers. From adidas Originals to performance basketball, Y-3 and more, adidas leather high tops don't just make an impression, they hold onlookers' attention. Fresh colors, standout design features and all-day comfort define the look and feel of adidas leather high top shoes. Whether you're posting up and calling for the ball or showing up to hang out, adidas leather high tops set you on the path to something great.