Kids' Balls


Kids’ sports balls

Our line of kids’ sports balls isn’t short on either quality or design. Ranging from FIFA-inspected soccers to ravishing rugby and basketballs, kids’ balls are available from size 1 (mini) upwards. Depending on the type of ball you choose, they are made from 100% polyester, TPU or latex bladder. Each soccer is made for distinctive purposes, and it’s up to you to choose the type you want your child to play with. Looking for quality sports balls with in-built style? Take a closer look at adidas’ varying range of sports balls for kids.

Kick off like the legends

Most of our sports balls are made of Butyl bladder, which is known to have one of the best air retention systems and gives you an edge over other sports balls. Coming over to the soccers, various types are available for purchase – ranging from PRO types to training balls in different materials that are specifically made to fit your playing style. If you want your kid to get a top-tier sports ball, you can check out the FIFA-inspected soccers from our collection. Most of these balls are made from thermally bonded seamless construction, giving an excellently predictable trajectory in action. In the case of rugby, the outer shell is made from 100% rubber and the bladder from 100% latex.

Never compromise on quality

Whether it’s just a casual game in on the go or a local kids’ tournament, make sure your kid is ready to play with pro equipment. Stepping back in quality isn’t an option when it comes to adidas, so your child can experience the best of the best just as Messi, Beckham, Bayern or Andy Murray do.

Sized for all

Because kids come in different shapes and sizes, our sports balls do too. From mini sizes to large sizes suitable for serious tournaments, the adidas sports balls range contains multiple sizes of sports balls for kids of different ages and heights.