Girls' adidas Originals Clothes & Shoes

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Classic Originals for girls designed for your superstar

With the high quality and sleek design associated with the 3-Stripes, you can get your child ready for sports and leisure with a selection of superb adidas gear. With a great range of items to choose from, you can make sure that quality and style are never compromised. Choose from a selection of outerwear including sweatshirts, leggings, t-shirts and tracksuits, or check out the various shoes and sneakers which are inspiring a generation. With various styles, colors and sizes available for children aged 0โ€“16, you can decide which range is most suitable for your daughter.

adidas girlsโ€™ Originals: quality and comfort combined

You can relax safe in the knowledge that your daughter will be protected and comfortable with items from the adidas Originals for girls range. With the superior technologies and high-quality fabrics used in the designs, your childโ€™s wellbeing is at the forefront of the designersโ€™ minds. With the perfect balance between snug and loose fitting items, theyโ€™ll find the clothing comfortable to wear. The utilisation of special, breathable materials ensure your child remains dry even when theyโ€™re at their most active. With shoes designed using lightweight materials and fully supported soles and uppers, you child will be able to play all day with a smile on their face.

Originals for girls: Comfort across the board

With so many designs and styles available, you can choose the style that is best suited to your child. A flexible, collapsible upper makes shoes easier to pack and transport in a school bag, an airy mesh upper keeps feet cooler, while a leather upper will provide additional support. With clothing, choose stretchy cotton to provide enhanced comfort, hidden shoulder snaps make it easier to slip on and off or a top with a zip allows kids to cool off when necessary.