Damian Lillard Shoes

Take over the game in adidas Damian Lillard shoes. Built for blazin’ in and beating the buzzer. It’s Dame Time.

adidas Damian Lillard Shoes

Lace up a pair of Damian Lillard shoes and take your game up a notch on and off the court. Damian Lillard made his name through loyalty and perseverance, even if the odds were against him. Damian Lillard footwear reflects that "fight for what's yours" mentality that has elevated him into the elite at the point guard position. The newest Damian Lillard shoes carry a simple message: Respect is earned. Dame made his name by showing up in the moments that matter the most–when everything is on the line. His signature shoes celebrate his innate feel for clutch situations as one of the game's best closers. The Bounce Pro midsole is soft and springy, great for pushing the ball on the break after grabbing a rebound or turning your triple-threat position into a real weapon, the minute you show that burst of speed. The grippy, wave-patterned outsole gives you the traction you need for those ankle-breaking moves or to showcase your footwork on the court.

While Damian Lillard shoes were designed specifically for Dame's lethal combination of speed and precision, they can be worn by off-guard marksmen, agile wings or robust centers that dominate the paint. Their springy and lightweight feel lets you keep that pep in your step whether you're directing the offense as a floor general, pushing the break or running around screens to free up your shot. Wear a pair of Dames to work on your game, whether that is shooting on your driveway, getting some friends to play at a park or playing a pick-up game at the local rec center. You can also wear them when you go out to meet people, do some errands or while you kick back at home and watch the game.

Not everyone is into performance and style, but if you want the best of both worlds. our Damian Lillard footwear has got you covered. The Dame Certified signature line merges performance elements with that off-the-court swag that has made Damian Lillard such a charismatic MC. Lillard's style mixes basketball and hip-hop. He commands the hardwood the same way he dominates the recording studio. These Damian Lillard high tops from adidas Basketball build on Dame D.O.L.L.A.'s legacy. They have a lightweight Bounce midsole for elevated cushioning, a breathable upper that keeps the air flowing and all the signature details that celebrate the greatness of Damian Lillard. Brilliant pops of color and nifty details throughout make these shoes a true stunner, whether you're dropping buckets on the competition or making a statement the minute you walk into a room. Wear them to an important game for your team or a family barbecue to celebrate a big occasion.

Damian Lillard footwear is designed to make you feel good whether you're balling out on the court or stylin' off the court. The soft Bounce midsole is springy and resilient, which is key in basketball. Breeze past defenders on the fast break, show your coach you're all effort with a tip-in or a big-time offensive rebound–or, better yet, let it fly from deep just like Dame. If you're a collector, keep an eye out for limited edition releases and collaborations so you can show off those special kicks to your friends and get those sought-after looks while you're out and about. Now that you know the different kinds of Damian Lillard shoes, all you have to do is browse this page and check out all the different colors, designs and collaborations so you can pick the pair you'll rock the next time you hit the court.